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sin sama

Magi Fes Report Part 3
マギフェス -The festival of magic-

you can find part 1 and part 2 here

Magi Fes Evening SessionCollapse )

i also have extra goods i managed to buy & other magi anime + doujin goods for sale here
Magi Fes Report Part 2 - afternoon session
マギフェス -The festival of magic-
you can find part 1 here

Magi Fes Afternoon SessionCollapse )

i also have extra goods i managed to buy & other magi anime + doujin goods for sale here
sin ja

Magi Fes Report Part 1
マギフェス -The festival of magic-

Pre ReadCollapse )

Magi Fes Report - 1/3 Goods Sales & ExhibitCollapse )

i also have extra goods i managed to buy & other magi anime + doujin goods for sale here
28th-Apr-2014 12:50 pm - sakura con 2014 = magi con XD lol
sin sama 2
for this year's sakura con, i helped with the magi events as ja'far X3  the guests were the director, producer, and character designer for anime magi + english VAs

SAO x Magi Director Panel
Magi Dub Screening
Magi Director (Koji Masunari) and Character Designer (Akai) Autograph
Magi Gathering @ Aniplex Booth
SAO x Magi Character Designer Face-Off
Magi Group Autograph for those with special tickets

_98ffe8d872ec7b76b5d163640da983a2_DSC0687 20140420_124456

3 days of magi time under the cut 8DCollapse )
i still cant believe i got to work with the anime magi staff, this wknd was a dream come true ♡┏┗(^o^)┛┓♡
16th-Jan-2014 06:09 am - done and over 2013!
still updating from japan, we've moved from the hospital to a hotel tho :)  finally got to shop around osaka and also go to super comic city XD  anyhow...2013 reflection entry :3

2013 was peaceful until nov OTL  early nov we discovered our dog has a birth defect and needs very expensive surgery (he's stable with medications right now tho), and in dec, we had a family medical emergency so flew back to japan for surgery, but it will be a long health battle (> <)

anyhow, onto the good parts X3  very thankful for all the fun times with boyfriend and friends!
still working at ubc and it's going well, learning lots and i'm managing more projects and responsibilities.

highlight of my year was going to the magi anime event (maharajan) in april \(^q^)/  report part 1 / 2 / 3
it was a dream come true with lots of intense sinbad fan service moments lol  thank you staff and onoD lol
still going strong with the magi fandom \(^q^)/  and my shrine is still expanding hurhur

2013 dates
13 new costumes
8 magi - kougyoku, postcard ja'far, fem ja'far, yamuraiha, scheherazade (for myself) / hakuryuu, sinbad, postcard sinbad (for others)
misaka mikoto & misaka imouto (to aru series), black hanekawa (bakemonogatari), shijou takane (the iDOLM@STER), makise kurisu (steins;gate hiyoku renri no darlin)

Feb: kou empire shoot
April: scon (day 1, 2) / fanexpo
May: tona cos TFT
June: anime evolution
July: anime expo (day 0, 1, 2, 3)
Aug: cos and effect / anime revolution (day 1, 2)
Sept: scheherazade shoot
Nov: akimatsuri

was def a magi filled year and had lots of fun with all the shoots and seeing my pretty friends in pretty magi cos XD
im happy i was finally able to attend anime expo (usa)!  i've always wanted to go and met a lot of nice ppl :)
also i had a lot of fun at tona cos TFT (japan) with a full steins;gate group XDDDD  first time i had such a great time with cosplayers in japan.
but i feel myself slowing down and getting slightly bored with cons...not as young as i used to be XD;;;;;  might do more travelling with photoshoots and only go to out-of-country cons when there are guests i like.

2013 anime ranking
1. magi 2nd season
2. magi 1st season / bakemonogatari 3rd season / psycho pass
3. wata mote / yondemasu yo azazel san Z
4. silver spoon / chihayafuru 2nd season
5. dangan rompa / hataraku maou sama / rozen maiden

quite pleased with magi season 2 so far------prob cuz season 1 was so horribad XD;;;;  i wish they didnt butcher the sindria and zagan arc so much OTL  but talking-moving-waifu beats a lot of things...not a lot of good animes this year for me
didnt watch SnK anime but i am reading the manga :)  SnK popularity was surprising!!!  まさか紅白まで出るとは!!!
not from this season, but i watched shin sekai yori and really liked it 8D  good plot, highly recc.

to come in 2014...
going on a 2 week florida (disney world / wizarding world of harry potter) + caribbean cruise trip with john!!!  very excited!!  going to visit the chichen itza in mexico where zepar's dungeon is based off of hurhur 8D
i really hope the family medical problem gets better, and i will try my best to help out; stay healthy everyone (;w; )
2nd-Jan-2014 11:40 pm - magi kou empire shoot
kou empire times--------8D our sewing machines were in full speed since we had to finish before miko had to leave for australia!  anything for my hot kouen oniisamaaaa------it was a lot of fun!

kou empire super fun times 8DCollapse )

updating from japan, but from a hospital due to a family medical situation OTL i've been living at osaka medical hospital for over a week now...the VIP room is very nice (like a hotel) but getting a bit bored XD;;;;
30th-Nov-2013 08:46 pm - one photo from akimatsuri lol
went to akimatsuri very end of nov (*´v`*)  helped john's friend sell off his huge figma collection before moving back to usa, and also sold magi goods as postcard ja'far----ヾ(*≧∀≦*)ノ
was placed next to kaworu (kawaiiboku) by chance and had a really fun time just hanging with frnds and selling (*´'∀')从('∀'`*)  not to mention i made way more money than i thought (*^u^*)bヤッタ

for anyone interested, here is my magi goods and sales page (i end up with a lot of extras when collecting XD;;;;)
14th-Oct-2013 04:27 pm - sinbad (magi) shrine lol
sin sama
yay magi anime 2nd season!  the manga is SO MUCH better and 1st season kinda ruined a lot of things, but im happy with second season so far and seeing all the characters in action XD  not to mention all the hot seiyuu voices---!
also anime means more merchandise 8DDDDD  i love to collect things...so here is an unhealthy post on my sinbad (magi) shrine XD;;;;;;

 photo 2013-09-02210147.jpg
magi colleCollapse )
we've been having more tea outings after my work since our schedules dont match up XD;;;; it's nice to unwind with sweets and a fragrant cup of tea after a long day in the office!

angelpolis get togetherCollapse )

secret garden teahouseCollapse )
1st-Sep-2013 08:39 pm - scheherazade (magi) shoot
(written in dec, back dated to sept)
before the summer ended, we took a day trip to minter gardens as it was closing down (> <) im sad it closed, it's a memorable place for john and me (> <)
we planned to do a shoot so i made scheherazade from magi...i ended up being the only one to cosplay but it was lots of fun!

road trip to the reim empire! lolCollapse )
18th-Aug-2013 09:44 pm - angelic pretty tea party
lolita doll
(written in sept, back dated to aug)
angelic pretty made their canadian debut at anime revolution (AR) in vancouver (which is where i live X3), and hosted a fashion show, dealer's booth, and tea party.  i didn’t go to the fashion show but i attended the tea party ヽ( ・▽・ )ノ ラァーン♪
(x-posted to egl comm)

 photo 999715_10153175564225055_2135584225_n.jpg
Aug 18 - Angelic Pretty tea party at ARCollapse )
sin sama 2

(written in sept, back dated to aug)
had a surprisingly nice time at AR (´◡`  )  it was very laid back; hung out with friends, helped out the aniplex panel, ate lots, and went to the AP tea party (っ´ω`c)   putting all 3 days in 1 entry since i dont have a bunch of photos as usual (didnt have any shoots 8D)

 photo IMG_3858.jpg  photo 2013-08-17161724.jpg  photo 2013-08-16225928.jpg

day 1 - fem!jaCollapse )
day 2 - ja'far with sinbad and aladdinCollapse )
day 3 - lolitaCollapse )
(written in dec, back dated to aug)
forgot to write about this one XD;;;;  i had food poisoning the week of C&E and couldnt attend day 1 OTL  i felt recovered enough to go out later in day 2 so wore the may queen nyan nyan uniform for christine nyan nyan, aka makise kurisu (steins;gate - hiyoku renri no darlin)

hacking to the gate!Collapse )
1st-Aug-2013 03:53 pm - magi food and magi party 8D
sin ja
my friends came over to watch the magi anime event dvd (first maharajan), so i made magi themed food for a magi party lol XD

 photo 2013-07-14153820.jpg
magi party 8D it's our own maharajan lolCollapse )

i have lots to blog about (including AX and the Angelic Pretty tea party) now that con season is coming to an end.
but im making scheherazade sama right now X3 i finished the staff yesterday and almost done her dress!
sin sama
(written in sept, back-dated to july)
day 3, sat jul 6 - ja'far / fem!ja / kougyoku (all magi)
another magi-packed day-----most of the day was derping with 2 shoots at night ヽ(´▽`)ノ

onto day 3 as ja-san!Collapse )

 photo _DSC0838.jpg
fem!ja & fem!sinCollapse )

 photo _DSC0886.jpg
judar & kougyokuCollapse )

day 4 sun jul 7 - going home...Collapse )
(written in sept, back-dated to july)
day 2, fri jul 5 - shijou takane (imas) / black hanekawa (bakemonogatari)

 photo f24987389acafadd67aa47472e1b3463.jpg
imas gatheringCollapse )

 photo _DSC0651.jpg
shijou takane (idolm@ster)Collapse )

 photo _DSC0684.jpg
black hanekawa (bakemonogatari)Collapse )
jafar assassin
(written in sept, back-dated to july)
day 1 thu jul 4 - ja'far / fem!ja / kougyoku (all magi)
a magi packed day! went to 2 magi gatherings and 3 shoots...

 photo group4.jpg
magi gatheringsCollapse )

 photo _DSC0367.jpg
sinbad & ja'farCollapse )

 photo _DSC0408.jpg
fem!ja'farCollapse )

 photo _DSC0468.jpg
kougyoku & judarCollapse )
3rd-Jul-2013 10:48 pm - anime expo 2013 - day 0
sin ja
(written in sept, back-dated to july)
i've always wanted to go anime expo, but every year i end up going to a diff con with friends...so this year i booked everything early and made a commitment! lol  glad i went cuz i had a good time ヾ(o´∀`o)ノワァーィ♪

costumes i brought:
magi - default ja'far / fem!ja'far / ren kougyoku
idolm@ster - shijou takane
bakemonogatari - black hanekawa
utapri - nanami haruka...didnt end up wearing this tho XD;;;

 photo 2013-07-03182408.jpg
day 0 wed jul 3Collapse )

on the labour day wknd, i had a shoot for scheherazade sama

preview!  i'll post more later on... *sob* magi 195 *sob*
(wrote in oct, back dated to june)
anime evolution (june 28-30) was really really hot! i dont remember much except not wanting to leave the dealer's room where they had fans going (AC wasnt really strong) ( ;;;´д`)ゞアチィー!!  ae always seem to take place on the hottest wknds regardless of the month lol

day 1Collapse )
day 2 - kougyoku (magi)Collapse )
day 3 - yamuraiha & aladdin (magi)Collapse )
(written in july, back date to june)

international lolita dayCollapse )

la petite cuillere Collapse )

AX was great and i met a lot of ppl who liked magi XD  im still collecting photos so will make a post hopefully soon <3
super comic city was taking place when i went back to japan in may, meaning there was tonari no cosplay ("cosplay next door") at TFT too X3
i went a few years ago, but this time they expanded the area to include the parks and playland area so i made plans to attend as part of a huge steins;gate group. it was amaaaaaazing!!!!

steins;gate shoot at TFT tonari no cosplay - may 4 2013Collapse )

im getting all my wisdom teeth out tmr OTL  so much for a long weekend...OTL
(entry wrote in Aug, dated back to May)

foca sin

Magi Anime Event (After Party - Maharajan) Report Part 3
『マギ』後夜祭 -マハラガーン-

you can find part 1 here and part 2 here

Magi Anime Event (Maharajan) Report - 3/3 Evening SessionCollapse )

i also have extra goods i managed to buy & other magi anime + doujin goods for sale here

SALE: MAGI DOUJINSHI AND GOODS - gifts and discounts too :)
edit - April 30th new items added and price reduced!

Jump to Magi Doujinshi (mostly SinJa) Sales
Jump to Magi Goods (anime, event, doujin etc items) Sales
there are free gifts and $3 items at the end of the page too

= Please Read =
* please email caccinicah [@] hotmail.com
* paypal only (USD); please use "pay family and friends" (no fee option) unless you are willing to pay for tracking.
* i will only do holds on purchases with a $10 non refundable deposit if you can pay before oct 9th.  no trades please.

Please email caccinicah [@] hotmail.com for any interests and/or questions :)
im also selling COSPLAY & WIGS / EGL LOLITA

miku cute
(wrote in june, back dated to april)


omg AX next week----excited! cos plans below!
1. ja'far (default) - magi - day1
2. shijou takane (maiden in black) - idolmaster - day2
3. fem!ja'far (ohtaka sensei's sketch 2 from BD/DVD vol 4) - magi - day1
4. ren kougyoku - magi - ?
5. black hanekawa - bakemonogatari - ?
6. nanami haruka (winter uniform) - utapri - ?

for AE, i'll be going sat and sun----i want to wear magi both days, but havent decided which chara yet XD;;;  but i made lots hurhur 8D
edit: will be kougyoku for sat and yamuraiha for sun X3

DAY 2 - MAGI: KOU EMPIRECollapse )

DAY 3Collapse )

i will be attending anime evolution at the end of the month, but unsure of cos plans atm...perhaps magi and/or rewears for both days if im too lazy to make something new (=w=;;  )  im not going fri since my office is at the venue...it's going to be interesting with cosplayers everywhere lol
im more concentrating on sewing for anime expo X3  it's my first AX so excited----making sdk, im@s and more magi for now----*busy-but-procrastinating* XD;;;;
sin ja
sakura con 2013 unfortunately didnt go too well for me (;w; ) i had fun, but there were loooots of little bad things that kept happening OTL but bf and friends were extra amazing to make up for it X3  so i'll omit most of the bad things----sorry if it's a bit choppy XD;;;;
scon this year was referred to as SAOkura-con, it had a few sword art online related guests so the con was a sea of kirito and asuna cosplayers.  but all of my cosplays were magi so it was a magi-con for me lol

PRE CONCollapse )


as my last post (back in feb lol), i'm going to japan this friday so day 2 report will most likely come after im back in mid-end May.  i also went to fan expo last weekend (cosplayed misaka mikoto 8D) so hopefully i can blog about that later too----X3
i got both afternoon and evening tickets to the anime magi event so im really looking fwd to that X3  will report back about it + the other magi doujin events!!!
28th-Dec-2012 07:39 pm - 2012 reflection
sin sama 2
a bit early but 2012 reflection X3  this year was quite nice, i got the job i've been wanting and finally a series i can moe over like i did back in the PoT, HxH and digimon days lol

2012-01-10 16.15.27
Jan: took annual family trip to hawaii----it was nice and relaxing as usual X3  photo is me trying to avoid the sun as much as possible, it's too strong for my hikikomori eyes lol
but we're not going in 2013 cuz my dad needs to go back to japan instead (;w; ) ちぇっ  it's gonna feel weird cuz we've been going for the past 5? 6? years...

2012-11-30 10.01.50
Feb: started working at ubc (university of british columbia for those outside canada), i've always wanted to work here so yay X3  my dream life is still a NEET (aka not working) but if i must go work, i like my job and my coworkers are great
random shot of my cubicle and not-so-hidden power level lol

2012-05-20 15.06.54
May: went to japan for 3 weeks with family---kobe, osaka, kyoto, yokohama, yokosuka and tokyo to visit relatives and family friends.  didnt get much otaku time to myself, but did go to the lolita and otaku stores in osaka and tokyo, including the steins;gate and bakemonogatari events 8DDD  also disney sea----i'll upload more photos later XD;;;;

Aug: magi---sin sama-----\(^q^)/  it's been about 8 years since i've moe-ed this hard lol; most of my friends havent seen me in this state before lol (the few that have known me for so long remember my PoT fuji senpai phase lol)
finally a series i like that isnt dead or minor and i can buy all the goods and doujinshi 8D ...which may not be a good thing for my wallet XD;;;  i crossed over to the dark side and bought sin sama bed sheets too...i dont want my parents to see it so i've been hiding it in my bf's room lol

i think that's it for highlights of the year-----my bf, family and dog are all good 8D

16 new costumes:
maylene (kuroshitsuji), shimura tae (gintama), doll (kuroshitsuji),moriyama shiemi (ao no exorcist), kujikawa rise & amagi yukiko (persona 4), kanoe yuuko (tasogare otome amnesia), gasai yuno (mirai nikki), miku koi iro byoutou ver (vocaloid), okita sawa (tari tari), ranka lee wish of valkeryie ver (macross F movie - sayonara no tsubasa), feyris nyan nyan (steins;gate), saber maid ver (fate/hollow atraxia), tsuruko (ano hana), ja'far (magi), rin meltdown ver (vocaloid),
im pleased with doll the most X3  spent a lot of effort on her----so many roses, never again OTL

couldn't do that much con travelling due to work but there were lots of local events...too many in the end XD;;;;
+ Apr: scon (day 1 2 3)
May: fan expo
July: mini comi
July: j-fest
July: summer festival
Aug: anime revolution
Aug: cos & effect
Nov: anime evolution (day 1, 2)
othe photoshoots his year

2012 anime i watched in kind-of-a-ranking:
1. fate/zero (loved it so much, also watched fate/stay night afterwards which sucked a lot lol)
2. nisemonogatari / another
3. natsume yuujinchou 4 / chihayafuru
4. inu x boku ss / kuroko no basuke (everyone is exploding their ovaries over it but i couldnt get into it (´・ω・`) prob cuz im already hyped over magi XD;;;;)
* still too new to rank lol: psycho-pass / zetsuen no tempest (enjoying both so far)
* dropped: tasogare otome amnesia (story was good but too much boobs...), tari tari (was cute but got boring)

not counting magi cuz as much as i love the manga, the anime is crap XD;;; but i cant help watching it cuz i love magi so much OTL

didnt watch much this year (´・ω・`) last year's animes were waaaaaay better...

To come in 2013...
* 2013 is my 10th yr cosplaying so i really want to go to AX XD;;;  i think i say this every year XD;;;;  but depends on guests----i wouldnt mind other cons too X3
* magi magi and more magi lol  pretty sure im going to japan in april or may for the events!!!

i think that's it :3  have a happy 2013 everyone-----
22nd-Dec-2012 11:43 am - winter at soirette tea house
(wrote in july 2013, back dated to dec 2012)
im super bored at work right now; all i'm getting are out-of-offices so i cannot do anything until ppl are back from vacation XD;;;;  no one wants to work on summer fridays lol (=w=;;; )  so posting photos from soirette tea house last winter i never posted XD;;;;

christmas teaCollapse )

doll party afternoon teaCollapse )

...almost lunch time!!!
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