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Heroin Whore's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Heroin Whore




Amber Friggin sunshine.
Lover of life love and art.
I like the thing they call noise!
music is all i've got.
I don't care what you think of me.
Probably never will

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05|27|06 @ 10P]
Yeep. Slumber party again.
will my hali.
and the lovely emily.
we went toooooo the beach today first day of the year i got sun
but i was crabby cause my ball fell of my lip ring.
and and and and and and and and and yep.
quite lovely if i do say so myself.
and and we pretty much rule.
and ilovehaliandemily and the nice weather.
barbie is a whore.,
yuep and they should make the games better
and emily made out with my 'boygtirnf='
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Alive. [Tuesday::
05|23|06 @ 07P]
[ mood | hopeful ]

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02|13|06 @ 05P]
light at the seams

Please don't leave me. [Wednesday::
01|25|06 @ 11P]
I think me and Wes got in our first offical fight today. I don't even think it was a fight. HESAWMYARM! and he asked questions he knew exactly what i had done. but i couldn't awnser the questions right. and i can't doo anythign right it seems now days...cause emily hates me and i losing my best friend. aaron hates me pretty soon everyone will. and i will be alone. I don't want to be the way i am but i cna't help it. ..HOWDOITELLSOMEONEWHENSOMETHINGISWRONG?! what do i say? how do i say it.? i dont want wes to be mad at me or sad because of me...you guys just between us. i think i might like almost love that kid. but i can't cause i am not going ot let myself! cause that would be a distatar. most deffinitly.

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what would you do if..... [Thursday::
01|12|06 @ 08A]
Hello all.. it has been a while too long i might say.. i miss you all dearly exspecially brynn and mostly emmy but then HALI OH MY HOW COULD I MISS ANYTHING MORE THAN HER! :O gah we all need to run away to gether and get married. but i think brynn and emmy are in a fight...SHIT that wont work.. Hmm...Do i need to send you both to oposite corners of the room? well lets see me and Mr. Wes are now officially dating?! AHHH i dont know what to do.. So yah.... AHHHHH...but then i still love some one else that loves me back and made me cry because he was so beautiful (emmy knows who)((in fact i am sure you all do)) why does everything have to be so complicated GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT you ALL are going to be on my web sight for web page design EEEE are you excited or waht?! i bet you are. I am listening ot match book romance and they are just lovely...Wish i could like RAPE?! them...But not in the sexual kind of way?! is that possible..maybe i would setle for lick i am not sure....though...Hmmm...i will get back to you on that?! gah this class is almost over and for some reason i dont want to leave am i a freak!? i dont want to go to next hour i hate that class but i will get to see my lover leah it is her birthday today! EVERYONE CALL HER AND TELL HER HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHE IS SAD HER MOM IS BEING A BUT HEAD! 8343435 do it bitches..or i will cry! YES CRY AND GO KILL MYSELF....do you really want to kill me? huh huh? well yeah sooo i have lunch detention. for 2 days ooops all welll.....i dont really care. i can get some work done. i am so behinf in all of my classes it is unreal! I think i am going to fail and end up graduating with emmy not that that would be bad but think about it!? what the fuck is wrong with me? yea so oooooo i am borred and i love you bubye
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