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[of moving paper fantasy]

i believe in love.

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13 March 1990
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i believe in love.

katie. 20. biology student & geek. obsessive. photoshop whore. head over heels for musical theatre and anything medicine related.

how dare they try to end this beauty?

medicine. photoshop. science. musical theatre. bikit. photography. music. the cinema. frozen fanta. cupcakes. travelling. sunshine. my camera. new york. australia.

of moving paper fantasy.

next to normal. wicked. i love you because. 9 to 5. hair. the wild party. legally blonde. blood brothers. chess. les miserables. the lion king. starlight express.

let the sun shine in.

greys anatomy. lost. glee. private practice. v.

there's love in your skies, reflecting the sunlight in my lovers eyes.

kerry ellis. sara ramirez. jessica capshaw. danni minogue. cheryl cole. alice ripley. steel burkhadt. kate walsh. emily skinner. evie lilly. matthew fox. josh holloway. gavin creel. kadee strickland. chyler leigh. megan hilty. eden espinosa. robbie williams. elizabeth mitchell.

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