off the map

11 July 1986

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.
-anatole france

transplanted southerner at school in chicago
.vegan.booknerd.activist.student.music lover.drifter.

i left north carolina, left portland, and now left chicago, to spend the fall in vienna.

It is the nectar of the angel world that feeds the travelers on the road of dreams. We sustain each other, even when our equations vary. We're all angles of this thing that once looked flat. We bring its body to life. As it fleshes out, forms ridges, tests edges, bares a hidden belly and a beating heart at its core, the thing that once looked flat is recognizable as the other world we're creating. We make it home for each other. We open its doors when we offer kindnesses and we pass through these doors when we say yes. We make windows when we tell the stories.
-off the map, crimethinc.org

cuz i came here alone
& i'm gonna leave by myself

-ani d