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Floating, Falling

let your fantasies unwind

she wears a broken halo now
23 August
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the prison of my mind

THE GIRL. Jessica. 13. 8th grade. Filipino. MUSIC. Quiet. Weird, but in that friendly sort of way. Very boy-crazy. Drama queen. Movies. Computer/Internet=OTP. Graphics. Singing. Dancing around the house naked. Friends/Flist<3. Pretending. Dreaming.

LIKES. PHAAAAANTOMOFTHEOPERA. Gerard Butleryum. Josh Halloway. Rupert Grint. Harry Potter=Life. A Series of Unfortunate Events. LOST. Teh OC. The Killers. Keane. Something Coporate. Avril Lavigne. Franz Ferdinand. Handsome Boy Modeling School. Yellowcard. Switchfoot. Maroon 5. Michelle Branch. Blink 182. Lyrics. Chocolate. Making new friends. Hawaii. Sunny and Rainy days. Going to the movies. Being with friends, online or offline. Playing the piano. Listening to music. Writing music. Reading. BOYS. The world she's made her own.

SHE Randomly makes entries for no apparent reason. Forgets to comment, and she apologizes. Goes absolutely bonkers over her fandoms. Can be really pissy one day and be really happy the next. Talks about boys, a lot. Will most likely respond to all of your comments. Will probably never de-friend you. Hopes you never de-friend her too. Loves it when you comment. Will Love you.

*worships* made the rupert/ron mood theme
for her FABULOUS tutorials
Thank you for helping me!

ERIKA gifted_dream for being my ALWAYS!
MARY rainb0w_ for sticking with me since we were lyke 10. ;)

sweetheartbreak is where all the icons go. :)

a walk to remember, adam brody, aim, aragorn, aragorn/arwen, art, ashlee simpson, back to the future, being crazy, blink 182, books, british guys, british slang, catcher block, charlie/claire, computers, confessions of georgia nicholson, dancing, dancing movies, daria, degrassi, diego luna, dirty dancing 2, down with love, dreaming, elvish language, england, europe, evanescence, ewan mcgregor, fairies, fame, fan art, fan fiction, film, finding neverland, frankie muniz, franz ferdinand, gmail, graphic design, grease, harry potter, harry/ginny, hawaii, hidalgo, hp cast, icons, imagination, internet, jack and bobby, jack/elizabeth, jake epstein, jake thomas, jason mraz, jem, jet, joey gaydos, josh holloway, kate/sawyer, kevin clark, kurt halsey, laughing, legolas, listening to music, livejournal, london, lord of the rings, losers, lost, love actually, magic, mandy moore, maroon 5, matt long, michelle branch, modest mouse, moulin rouge, movies, music, my chemical romance, nerds, new found glory, o'grady, omg!!11!fangirlness!!1one!!eleven!, orlando bloom, peter/mary jane, phantom of the opera, photography, photoshop, piano, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, r/h, r/hr, r/hr fanfiction, radio free roscoe, reading, ron weasley, ron/hermione, ronald bilius weasley, ronald weasley, rooney, ross/rachel, rupert grint, ryan cooley, sailor moon, saved!, sawyer/kate, school of rock, secret window, simple plan, sims 2, singing, skye sweetnam, sleeping, spiderman, spiderman 2, strictly ballroom, talking, target, the all-american rejects, the good ship, the killers, the o.c., the sims, the two towers, trees!, viggo mortensen, writing, yellowcard,