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<3333333 Goodbye Public. My life was too personal anyway.

sweetheartbreak is my ICON journal :)

& Jessica has constant mood swings and gets REALLLY mopey. And sometimes overreacts.
& Her rule is that, if you comment in her journal, She'll comment in yours.
& She's an avid Ron/Hermione shipper. You can ship whatever ship you like, just don't bash hers.
& She has strange obsessions and addictions, and all she asks is that you don't make fun of them.
& Her train of thought is faster than she can type. So, she might not make any sense.
& She is thirteen, complete with the whole package: "them awkward teenage blues", "omg, today was the worst day ever, i want to die" + "CAPS!"
& She's a fangirl... "OMFG!!11!ONE1ONE! HE IS SOOOO CUTTEEEEE!! <3333 AHHH LOOOOVEEE!!!!!!"
& She believes in "Harry Potter = Life"
& She. Is. Absolute. Nutters.
& And she loves to talk in third person.

Comment, and I'll friend you back ;)
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