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К предыдущему посту: Не люблю 1 апреля или...

...ФБР — хорошие. А вот шутники — дураки. Как будто не знают, что я на календарь внимания не обращаю.

No, the FBI did not seize our domain. No, no one was indicted with racketeering, money laundering and other nefarious activities. This was all, of course, an April Fools prank. Nothing illegal has ever been going on here, obviously.

I admit, the prank was a lot more successful than I expected, based on various reactions I have seen all over the Internet. I had written the date in the browser's title and allowed the clicking of the image to make it disappear and lead to the site normally, yet apparently many people failed to notice any of that... Sorry if we caused any heart attacks ;) but this goes to show that people tend to be very reactionary instead of stopping for a second and using a bit of critical thinking.

Sorry again for that wee bit of trolling. But hey, that's what April the 1st is for! Until next year. \m/
Tags: humour, internet, music

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