Chicago Porn Stars.

Omg. Chicago was THE best thing that ever happened. Its crazy how much fun I had with everyone who went. The bus rides, The Blue Man Group, Navy Pier, Old Country Buffet...everything was incredibly fun. So this is the trip we've been waiting for all year, and now its over. Wow.

Day 1- Well the beginning of the bus ride there SUCKED. Me and Paige got in trouble for wearing flip-flops, I got in trouble and was almost not being able to come because I was chewing gum, and we couldn’t sit by Alyssa or Allie. It was just bad. Then it started to get really fun after we got McDonalds and talked n stuff. When we crossed the border everyone just started taking pictures. The first thing we did was go to the Museum of Science and Industry. It was surprisingly fun. Everyone just walked around, and we saw this Human Body movie at the Imax Theater that was there. Holy shit was the screen huge; well should I say the fucking ceiling. Of course we made it fun, *girl having a baby* Josh- Close your eyes and listen *AHHHH UGHH IOFJOISDF* Sounds Of Sex right hurr. Annnnyyways. After that we went to the Marriott Hotel and got ready for Ed Debevicks. Lmfao it was awesome. Everyone just made everyone laugh and the people there were hilarious. They called people names and made fun of people. It was quite funny. After dinner was over we went to the BLUE MAN GROUP! HOLY FUCKING SHIT. The Blue Man Group was literally like; I have no words to how amazing it was. It was like a fucking rock concert. Everyone who was there knows how much fucking fun that was. Me, Paige and Alyssa bought a shirt, me and Alyssa got a picture with one of the guys, and I hugged another one. AHH no words. Then we left and went back to the hotel for the night. Ms. Sturgeon is a nasty bitch and no one likes her. But who cares about her. Poodle.

Day 2- Me, Paige, Allie and Alyssa woke up at 6:30 and started to get ready for breakfast, which by the way was disgusting. Then we got Starbucks and went back to the room to get all of our shit together to leave. We waited like 43895748 hours JUST to get our room checked and then finally left the hotel. We were off to the Oceanarium and Aquarium. Pretty fun I guess? Then we went to the Navy Pier which was sooo much fun. At the beginning it sucked but as soon as me and Paige went into the Funhouse Maze thing I got so hyper. GAHHH BUBBLESSS. Then we found Dakota, Katlyn, Lorin and Kyle and took them into the Funhouse thing again. We kept running back through it just to go through it again. BUBBLESS. It was so much fun. Then me and Paige got McDonalds and chased the birds. We went inside this thing and we got pictures drawn of us, so did Allie. Omg there so awesome. Ew. Then we hadda leave to go the Field Museum...yum. All it was a museum full of dinosaur bones and history. Boring. Well anyways, Me Alyssa, Allie and Paige got *separated* from our group and *we didn’t know* Wink Wink ;) Finally found them and left. For good. From Chicago. I was incredibly mad about that. Chicago has the most amazing buildings ever and I was so happy I had the chance to go. Enough of that. Then we ate dinner at the Old Country Buffet. So fucking funny. Can’t even describe how fun it was. The bus ride home was fun at the beginning, Mr. Navetta and everyone started singing My Girl and me Alyssa Allie and Paige started singing Blue Moon and just random songs and then we played the question game, which was quite fun. Then it just started to get boring for me. Watched the movie, It. Yummy clooowwnnn. Yea then we got back to school and Paige's mom drove me home.

I can’t even begin to say how much fun that Chicago Trip was. That was the last time everyone would be together for a trip and to have it in Chicago was even more amazing. GAHH. Everything was sooo much fun. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I <3 my Chicago Porn Stars Yoooo.

I <3 The Old Country Buffet =)

I LOVE The Blue Man Group =)

I love alot of things, especially Chicago =) and all the people who I hung out with.

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things will never be the same.

Yea so im definitly going to Chicago in less then a week. KINDA excited about that. Yea and me n Paige made a list for what were gunna bring, shes bringing a total of 94 things, and im bringing 73. =) Yea so do you like the journal? Kinda plain, but thats okay, thats okay.Totally. Hey guess what, John Mango is my best friend. Yes John ManGO. Rad Man. Definitly bored outta my mind, so heres some pictures from like the past couple weeks and just yea. =)

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Cousins Rule Man.

About to leave to go up north, wont be back till Sunday. You know youll miss me =)

Show some lovinn. Cells on all weekend, call-703#4854

Ew, i dont wanna gooo.

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I came i saw, i hit him right dead in the jaw.

Ahh i love my 7th grade sexys. Well yesterday i sat on my ass until Sarah invited me to sleepover with Bronte, but her mom said she could only have one. So me and Sarah slept over Bronte's. We went over there around 10:30ishhh. lmfao, well i think that 6 is pretty small, but more like 9..*grabs croth*OW THAT WOULD HURT! Wow. Me n Bronte put on whore make-up and like we looked fucking hilarious. Then Blake came home and we were on the comp looking at pics of her on Halloween when she was a whore, and he came in and like lmfao it was hilarious. And then we were doing out makeup in the bathroom and we covered our eyes lmao weird story accually =) We didnt go to bed till 4. Wahoooo go us.

Then this morning we woke up and her mom made us pancakess. Yummmm. Uhhh, then we sat outside for a bit because it was realllyyy nice out. Then Sarah had to leave, and so we just went online for a while and talkedd, then finally decided to get ready. We kept complaining how bad our hair and faces and makeup and just everything looked. Then her mom came back from getting a mani and pedi, and were so nice so we went to the store with her mommy 0=) She got us McDonalds and we ate in the car while she went into Vince and Joes, we are seriosly THE biggest pigs evvverrrr. Bronte kept getting her sandwhich everywhere. So we decided to go eat right outisde of Vince's. We just sat there and like looked at hot drivers that went by. Then went to K-mart, lmfao Bronte's skanky top incident. Funniest thing ever. And we put on sexy sunglasses and were just being cool. Then came home and talked...alot! and helped her clean and then my mom came =( Oh my that was one of the funnest times ive ever had. I love Bronte and Surah with all of my heart, MUST do it again. XoOx <3 xOoX

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Like the layout?

I just saw The Notebook last night and i fell in love with it. Its THE perfect love story everrrrrrr. I wish i could live that life of that movie. One word, P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I just love it. Alot. Comments would help greatly =)

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Today was sooooo much fun dolls. I got up, got ready, picked up Surah. Went to the mall and met up with Sarah, Alyssa, Bronte, Ali and BEN. We just shopped, well walked around really, ate. And yea. Then left, and like around 6:30ish me and Alyssa went to Surahs. Got bored, so invited Bronte over. We all walked to her house, mooned some cars. Got Bronte, ate food, walked back. This car stopped and honked and me Bronte and Alyssa, cuz our pants were like down too our ankles. Quite fun. Got back to Surahs, played in the dark =0 Watched porn, well really The Girl Nextdoor. Walked around with our pants down the whole night talking to Ben. It was so aawsomely fun man. I love those girls with so much passion.

Tommorows Easter Ya'll and im going to a play with the lovely Brooke Nicole Ezzo, whom i love SO MUCH =) I cryed last time =( Maybe pictures with that too? who knows.

Pictures will be coming soon lovers.

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Got out of school Thursday, went home with Paige, made BURMUTA SHORTS & BOOTY SHORTS, made cookies, ate too many cookies, took pictures, slept over. Friday-Got Up, made more cookies, got a stomach ache, went to the mall, not fun at all, Paige came back here, then left.

I can already tell this break is going to definitly be boring.

I have like no friends =) YES. I mean i do have friends i talk to, but latly, i only hang out with Paige, and like when i dont hang out with her, i dont hang out with anyone. Woooow. Yea so anyways, hopefully this break wont be as boring as Mid-Winter Break was...but why should i even try, every break completely sucks in the life of Shelby Renea.

Yes, i get to go to up north to my Grandmas tommorow. Unless of course i find somewhere to stay tommorow night. Ohhhh lordy how much fun will this be. And next weekend my mom and Tony, of course, are going to Las Vegas or Chicago and i get to go up north and stay with my Aunt, what fun, since i cant find anywhere to go that weekend. God this break is going to be frickin awsomee. Not.
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just because you drive a binz =0

Just got back from the lamest school dance ever. They were all headbanging songs and like gay. I slowdanced with Paige and Allie =) Then everyone just like freak danced like usual, and i danced with Renoooo. Lets hope the next dance will be much better. Ew my moms yelling at me. =( Tommorow the yearbook people have a party thing. But like i really dont wanna go...its gay. Well this is a short update. Wasnt the dance gay? But i had funf dancing with my sexy 7th graders and of course my hot 8th graders, and of course the guys =) Oh baby.
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