The Origin

Praeseodymium : Static Magnetic Moment

14 April
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High thoughts, collegues. I am a meme setinel, a neuroharmonic engineer, and friend and custodian of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. I practice resonant self-coherence of life, through conscious living. I like anandamide, and isomers of linoleic acid.

I am interested in the life and nature of plants- botanically, entheogenically and agriculturally.

I enjoy experiencing the fractal nature of living things, such as is easily found in plants such as in ferns, bromeliads, pineapples, pines and cauliflower, and in the arrangement of scales on fish, for example. I also like fractals in general, especially the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. Ask me about that ; )

I am also interested in digital network routing, firewall configuration, packet analysis, security and cryptography, and their use in sustaining integrity in a link between nodes. You will find me frequently on

IRC : Unifex@irc.undernet.org#freebsdhelp and #include.
I like crystalline forms of substances- metals and non-metals. I like lasers, and resonant energy systems such as Tesla coils and flyback transformers. I like solar energy collectors, both photovoltaic and parabolic heliotropic reflectors.

I am interested in Shaolin Gung Fu, and have trained in Tae Kwon Do and Gung Fu.

I enjoy discussing the chemistry pertaining to life.

I am also interested in healing- autoredaction, and mutual healing, through communication, touch, and love. These phenomena are often very close to each other, but not always easy to create.

I have taught myself most of what I know. I've had some very good help at various times in my life. I've made some serious mistakes, and have directed myself at making reparations for those mistakes. I've resolved most of them, and certainly the worst, but every now and then the universe lets me know when I've overlooked, or addressed incompletely, where I've erred, and I work on it until things are satisfied with themselves with apositive balance. Siva and Shakti have both dealt me with Kali, and they are generally my friends, or at least, respectful guides.

The best thing of all is when a girl smiles at me. That is among the most rewarding experiences there is.

I don't eat animals.

I like Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, The Sundays, Led Zeppelin and Pop Will Eat Itself. I like raw beetroot, broccoli, and orange juice.

Oh yeah. I want a pet Komodo dragon.