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I think I might go and re-read hieronymousmosh's outline for a Rupert Giles-centric Buffy/Merlin crossover. Repeatedly. The more I re-read it the more parts of my brain think it might be a good idea. This helps to stop me thinking. Presumably because important parts of my brain have given up on the other parts.

In random footwear news - I got these excellent Rocket Dog plimsoles in the sales when I was south. I like them! Totally suitable for work, right?


little bit of politics?

catching up re: the student fees protests. and this is actually kind of adorable:

Some demonstrators are so cold they've been lighting fires to keep warm, using their placards for fuel.

survivalist spirit, what?

meanwhile, in ireland: i don't think everyone is entirely happy with the government's bail out response... Collapse )

turning to russia, commentary in the form of vladimir putin action comics. Collapse )


not politics: this is so weirdly hot to me i had to make it my wallpaper. Collapse )
deadpool: o_<

some people have already heard [SOME OF] this

but now there are pictures and some other stuff too. [PS TARDINGTON DO NOT READ THIS VERSION]

context: i have been tapering off on the brain drugs, for various reasons. so far anxiety levels are in check and the pit of despair has been avoided. however, there has been an unexpected side-effect, which is:

dreams. many and vivid and increasingly of the sort that make me eye my psyche a little dubiously.

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the BFTL's entire commentary on this: "eeeeeeenteresting."

okay, that's my weirdo sex dream and crush overshare for the day. now it is your turn. tell me, with pictures if required*, who your least likely dream!encounter was with. (previous to last night, i think the in-the-back-of-a-people-carrier-with-a-hunter-s-thompson dream was my go-to example.) no nightmares please - i mean dreams that, at least while you were having them, you were really very on board with.

*pictures OF THE PERSON. not, MR THIPE, NOT THAT I AM LOOKING AT YOU HERE, pictures of the ACT you dreamt.
s&m muskrat love

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\u/ - there are watchmen igoogle themes! i will be looking so professional at work when i google stuff, oh yes.

/u\ - there's one of the comedian titled "the man of men". yeah no. fuck off.

\u\ - i do not know what to DO with myself over ridiculously intense new obsession1! can i friend everyone who wrote fic i liked and not look like a weirdo stalker? and will they expect me to have SMRT CONTENT? other people have been in the fandom for aaaages. all my "insights" (shut up. in my head i am SO insightful. er... please do not now imagine the intellectual level at which conversations with myself usually plateau. it's still more stimulating than talking to the rats, ok?) and squee will be old hat! (also there seem to be many people with great wodges of writing talent. all my never-leaving-the-hard-drive/googledocs watchporn efforts so far look v. crap in comparison.) yes, yes, i know: so much suffering, woe etc! except for how i am at the gleeful FIRST CRUSH NEW LOVE EVERYTHING IS SHINY WANT stage of things and basically ♥!♥ (i have so many tabs open despite my amazingly slow connection. so many tabs!)

this post brought to you by poor planning = unhurt soooooo huuuuungry. (roasting a chicken. but i forgot it was necessary to begin actually roasting in a timely fashion until after 7pm. food will be ready in some hours. and my house has, for some reason, NO SNACKS in it. unless tinned fruit is a snack? or dry cereal? or... rat treats?)

and hey - lj has et my comments again.

p.s. i am indeed a genius! in that, ahem, i made this signal boost post? and only just noticed that i stuffed up the url to amazonziti's post. lucky kanz and meres also linked to it properly, and i linked to them. *palms face for a while*

1complete with mental mary-sue scenarios. which - no, really. STOP. THAT. BRAIN? i am speaking to y-- oh. huh. if you put it that way then i... need so much help, basically?