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piieeeeeee (do NOT ask ok)

kitchen things meme

via thesme_01 &  lazy_hoor (also, someone, what article or thingy is this from? i saw it somewhere recently pre-memeification but cannot recall where) (oh wait. the hoor's entry is even TITLED "guardian kitchen meme. good reading, eyes, brain!)

Bold the ones you have and use at least once a year, italicize the ones you have and don't use, strike through the ones you have had but got rid of. And (my suggestion) add any items that you have that aren't on the list:
I wonder how many pasta machines, breadmakers, juicers, blenders, deep fat fryers, egg boilers, melon ballers, sandwich makers, pastry brushes, cheese knives, electric woks, miniature salad spinners, griddle pans, jam funnels, meat thermometers, filleting knives, egg poachers, cake stands, garlic crushers, martini glasses, tea strainers, bamboo steamers, pizza stones, coffee grinders, milk frothers, piping bags, banana stands, fluted pastry wheels, tagine dishes, conical strainers, rice cookers, steam cookers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, spaetzle makers, cookie presses, gravy strainers, double boilers (bains marie), sukiyaki stoves, ice cream makers, fondue sets, healthy-grills, home smokers, tempura sets, tortilla presses, electric whisks, pineapple corers languish dustily at the back of the nation's world's cupboards.

also tupperware/things not by tupperware but that are plastic with lids (I LOVE TUPPERWARE), an apple corer (i like baked apples! and if i core them with a knife i near fillet myself), cookie cutters in various shapes inc. lobsters, a cafetierequite a lot of silicon bakeware, giant wooden salad tongs with zebras on the handles that were a gift from someone i like very much but that i will almost certainly never use.

i want a fondue set. and i would use it!

hmm. it seems i am not a hoarder of kitchen items. suspect it is because for the past three years i have had a very small kitchen and before that a quite small kitchen, and not because i am in any way immune to the siren call of lovely cooking stuff. (when rich, will buy all the le creuset EVER.)

ION: should be studying (argh thesis argh still no real topic) but instead, am rolling about in anno dracula (thank you lazy_hoor: DO LIKE) having zoomed though professor moriarty: the hound of the d'urbervilles last week, and on the side re-reading & filling up the gaps in my victorian fiction relevant to the universes in these books (so long since i read any r.l. stevenson, and it turns out i had never actually read the war of the worlds, i just thought i had due to cultural osmosis. must re-read bram stoker's dracula next as i think i was about 23 last time through. also, raffles & bunny, it is time we were reunited!)

ION ION: it is a pity there's no real hound of the d'urbervilles fandom, because i would read (and possibly even write) the stuffing out of the further adventures of sebastian 'basher' moran. and, as usual, i would like some crossovers. i mean, unlikely ones, rather than the sort that the book is thick with.