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(no subject)

May. 4th, 2010 | 08:18 pm

work continues to chew upon me. ouch! the very worst of it will be over by the end of friday. till then: i eat. i sleep. i panic work. i ride my bike. sometimes, while doing the latter, i swallow insects. (ew!) and then i panic work more.

however! i do sometimes look at the internet too, and - what YEAR is it? am i having some kind of 1980s teen movie time travel experience only less extreme and it is 1999 again? oh dear and oh my. (also fanfic is just like writing porn about you and your neighbour's 21 year old daughter, signing it, then posting it to them. btw, "you" in this scenario happen to be a 48 year old bloke.)

(is it just QUITE wrong or actually VERY wrong that i am imagining that this bloke looks like ash? not that he would do that. but he might have to PRETEND to be a neighbourly pervert for, uh. con related reasons? BE QUIET. THE INSIDE OF MY HEAD IS JUST LIKE THIS SOMETIMES OK?)

eta: i came to that link NOT via fandom_wank. and now i have been there, i am amused. if only because Accept it if you dare, sniveling pedo thieves! is clearly a phrase i can steal re-purpose for other contexts... eta2: "would you like a cup of tea?" "oh, no thank you." "ACCEPT IT IF YOU DARE, SNIVELING PAEDO THIEVES!"

eta3: OH DEAR LORD. i have just realised why i know the author's name. my FATHER likes her books, and lent me the first one. they were Not For Me, let us say.

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from the department of my email and watching too much hustle

Mar. 28th, 2010 | 11:46 pm

me: ??? they have a rotary dial phone in their current apt. wtf?

kanzenhanzai: they must be secret hipsters

my brain: I WANT A CON WHERE THEY ALL HAVE TO PRETEND TO BE HIPSTERS. DEAR GOD. PLEASE IMAGINE THE CLOTHES. (possibly they are ironically rediscovering albert's ageing lounge singer?)

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(no subject)

Mar. 27th, 2010 | 09:58 pm


work this week was wayyyy more tiring than i realised. zonk-a-RAMA today. but lo! i did some useful things. i have ordered a new saddle for my bike. it is exceptionally yellow and i am excited to receive it. my lower cheeks will no doubt thank me.

before i go to bed tonight i must catch up on f-list. many tabs were opened last night. thoughts were marshalled. then hustle forced me to watch season one episodes... i think 1x04 might be the episode when i got properly squeeful back in 2004 when i watched it on Real Telly.

"will you just look at these... mondrians" (that was funny. to me.)Collapse )

p.s. please be awed by my new icon. see ms ma noir here for more of this kind of thing.

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stuff is wrong with me part 347.4

Mar. 16th, 2010 | 04:29 pm

just, um. don't ask what i was googling, okay?

Proud, iron-willed Tennessee widow Tamsin MacGreggor is wanted--dead or alive--for a crime she didn't commit. [...] So she's running for her life--with notoriously handsome bounty hunter Ash Morgan in hot pursuit.

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(no subject)

Mar. 15th, 2010 | 04:55 pm

1. where is my roselerner book, amazon? give it to me! i want it!

2. this community exists: giant_cliches (i was internetless when you guys made it, okay, so i might be a little behind the times) and there is a list.

3. i was terribly unproductive at work today because hustle fic wanted to be written and it was really quite distracting.

4. points 2 & 3 might perhaps be related in some way...

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fic: hustle

Mar. 14th, 2010 | 09:02 pm

760 words of Hustle fic(let), vaguely season 3, no warnings applicable. for belmanoir, who is in great part responsible for my sudden tumble for this show and fandom. thanks to mrs_laugh_track for taking a shuftie at it first.

“Since when does Ash get it on with an actual woman?” Danny askedCollapse )

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con artists, and, briefly, klingons

Mar. 13th, 2010 | 01:16 am

# so, BASICALLY, i will be needing the universe to provide me with a leverage vid set to the a-team theme tune. because, really? if you have a problem, and no-one else can help...?

# meanwhile, i am ignoring the_antichris's riker/worf speculations (i swear i did not see that when i watched TNG. and yet, it has a ring of truth to it...)

# and maybe i am making screencaps. (not very good ones. i lack both the skill and the technology) of hustle. or, well. of ash. because... i need help?

# i would totally hit that (nb: all belmanoir's fault). also stacie. mmmmmm stacie (and her mouth!).

# also a new realisation: i would sleep with EVERYONE in leverage. with differing levels of enthusiasm perhaps, but they all make it onto my list. also drunk!nate is higher up my list than sober!nate. i am aware that this is Wrong, but, well. you know. he was drunk with a certain panache, i felt.

# in one of the universes in my head, the hustle team watch leverage together. there is shouting at the telly. danny thinks sophie is hot. stacie refuses to comment on her preferences. mickey raises one eyebrow at nate's approach to con artistry so many times he gets a headache. ash can't follow the plot because in the last 40 minutes he's made and received a series of phonecalls laying the groundwork for their next three jobs, ordered flowers for his ex's birthday, and tried (and failed) to teach eddie a card trick.

# left of that universe, the leverage team are watching hustle. again there is commentary. eliot is quite vocally grumpy about what he feels are unrealistic outcomes (but he does approve of the lack of firearms). hardison is already torrenting seasons 2-4 (don't tell parker). nate just wonders if, as designated mastermind, he should dress better.

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