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hugh is being hugh on facebook again

Nov. 2nd, 2011 | 09:18 pm


ok heres the thing with ottawa - I love it -i spent alot of time their as a kid i saw my first concerts there went to school there and the headstones first road gig outside of toronto was at zaphods in the market ----soooo WE LOVE OTTAWA - We also have a limited amount of time before i start shooting hahaha so maybe next year we can hit ottawa winnipeg kelowna victoria montreal quebec city halifax saskatoon kingston all great rock and roll towns ...the agents know headstones territory- which ones have the venue and the dates that work for our window of opportunity... we are just trying to get out and play a few shows and really have fun - reconnect with the fans on our terms and not burn out doing it- everyone of these gigs will be a riot - everyone of these gigs means something to us -its a way to play rock and roll thats unconventional but is oddly inspiring - anywho thats the story sooo if you really want to go I mean really want to - grab a ticket and get in the car -THATS HOW ITS DONE when i wanted to see a band thats what i did -and now when i really want to reconnect with the real rockandroll experience and by that i mean headstones fans - i will be grabbing a car ....a bus.....and a plane-AND i wouldnt have it any other way -hugh
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(no subject)

Jun. 17th, 2010 | 08:22 pm

\u/ - there are watchmen igoogle themes! i will be looking so professional at work when i google stuff, oh yes.

/u\ - there's one of the comedian titled "the man of men". yeah no. fuck off.

\u\ - i do not know what to DO with myself over ridiculously intense new obsession1! can i friend everyone who wrote fic i liked and not look like a weirdo stalker? and will they expect me to have SMRT CONTENT? other people have been in the fandom for aaaages. all my "insights" (shut up. in my head i am SO insightful. er... please do not now imagine the intellectual level at which conversations with myself usually plateau. it's still more stimulating than talking to the rats, ok?) and squee will be old hat! (also there seem to be many people with great wodges of writing talent. all my never-leaving-the-hard-drive/googledocs watchporn efforts so far look v. crap in comparison.) yes, yes, i know: so much suffering, woe etc! except for how i am at the gleeful FIRST CRUSH NEW LOVE EVERYTHING IS SHINY WANT stage of things and basically ♥!♥ (i have so many tabs open despite my amazingly slow connection. so many tabs!)

this post brought to you by poor planning = unhurt soooooo huuuuungry. (roasting a chicken. but i forgot it was necessary to begin actually roasting in a timely fashion until after 7pm. food will be ready in some hours. and my house has, for some reason, NO SNACKS in it. unless tinned fruit is a snack? or dry cereal? or... rat treats?)

and hey - lj has et my comments again.

p.s. i am indeed a genius! in that, ahem, i made this signal boost post? and only just noticed that i stuffed up the url to amazonziti's post. lucky kanz and meres also linked to it properly, and i linked to them. *palms face for a while*

1complete with mental mary-sue scenarios. which - no, really. STOP. THAT. BRAIN? i am speaking to y-- oh. huh. if you put it that way then i... need so much help, basically?

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