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(no subject)

Oct. 16th, 2010 | 11:00 pm

for kanzenhanzai, since she asked (during an email exchange about deadliest catch badfic) -

I'd like to know about Sig's morning torments, please.

and here they areCollapse )

(for context)

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important friday night crab fishing news:

Oct. 15th, 2010 | 10:23 pm

#1 there are 31 deadliest catch stories on AO3 \crabs/ eta: including a vampire au that, sadly, you can only read if you have an AO3 login. because: "Moi, no were-crabs this year. If Sten or Sig says throw it back, do so. Listen to the Norwegians, they know a little something about nautical 'Voodoo,'"

#2 captain sig hansen may possibly appear on dancing with the stars \hansens/

#3 check out the super sexy dancetastic photomanip in the article:

#4 however, i am a lot more amused by the commenters who would like to see the hillstrand brothers instead. why, just imagine! style AND beauty!Collapse )

#5 for those of you who have not been following - there was some drama! discovery was suing the hillstrands! they were leaving deadliest catch! sig was leaving too! however, apparently contracts have been renegotiated, they're all back next season, and MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY: spin-off hillstranded is (probably) going ahead.

not only is this a special hillstrand spinoff - and to be honest, i'd watch a show called "johnathan and andy go to the bar, talk shit, compare tattoos with the barman" - it is now being described as a series of specials where the brothers will investigate legends centered in Alaska, including a local legend about a Lochness-type monster.

crab fisherman AND cryptozoology AND alaska = SHOW TAILOR MADE FOR UNHURTS.

#6 i should get caught up on DC, but i am still having some /u\ philllllllllllll /u\ issues.

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no more new fandoms this month please, brain!

Jul. 15th, 2010 | 10:32 pm

local news is very exciting:

A specialised cable laying ship is due in Orkney later this week to carry out work for EMEC, the European Marine Energy Centre. [...] we'd ask other seafarers to give the CS Sovereign a wide berth while the cable laying operations are in progress.

so, of course, it was emailed. kanz: Wow, Cable gets himself a whole ship! I hope it's manned with Deadpool clones. [eta: apparently it was only me that was amused by the "laying". so lonely etc!]

me: am now thinking about cap'n cable and his deadpool crew. i think i am PROBABLY too new to this to be thinking about cracky AUs.  (at least i didn't go to the crab-fishing pl-- oh.)  (hee. cable is PSYCHIC FOR CRABS. he finds all the best fishing grounds to drop his gear!  he only has one deck hand because deadpool is just. that. good. i... really need to stop imagining wade in oilskins over his deadpool costume.)*

*and more importantly, i really need to stop finding it hot. i am judging MYSELF right now!

in other news: going out for dinner & drinks with work folks tomorrow. food place is reached by ferry. alcohol and three metre seas - how could this possibly go wrong? \u/

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