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fic(let): intervention

Jul. 10th, 2009 | 11:49 pm

woe woe, dialup woe, etc. however, moving on from my intermittently updated whinging of the past while (new real internet eta = some unknown time after july 15th. see how zen i am about this? see How ZEN i AM ALSO CALm and... um ahem. anyway!)

after work but before leaving the joys of a fast(ish) connection, i peeked at this c_regalis post. pictures of callum in a show i have not seen! but you know. still pretty hot, for a serial killer with iffy facial hair. as i recall - i can't load the images at home, because: < 53Kbps oh wait not talking about that tonight *stops*

oh, anyway, i was mean. see thread for context. however, ms regalis is meaner. hmph!

reposting snippets of silly fic for my own reference and also so i don't *only* post about the internet i hardly have - oh. hmm. well. one out of two ain't bad?Collapse )

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RPF/S commentfic

Apr. 16th, 2009 | 12:55 am

caused by c_regalis and this (the?) picture headstones tourbus shennanigans.Collapse )

(part two)

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Aug. 16th, 2007 | 09:15 pm

kanzenhanzai did something almost NICE for me! mary suish comment fic! with no mention of pies! and, best of all, no new horrific icons. though, i should warn those of you who are of a sensitive nature all none of you, you buncha freaks: there is mr flibble.)

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technically still on internets

Aug. 15th, 2007 | 11:41 pm

despite the concerted efforts of work and brain chemistry (Formless Black Misery: an evasive foe) and my own rampaging paranoia and special hypochondriac skills to prevent this from being so. but anyway, this evening i installed my new washing machine (ex-ci-ting, no?) and thought about wingfic a whole lot, because mergatrude has been posting about it a whole lot. and because i think, okay, so perhaps i DO have a problem re: hugh dillon and wings...

re-posted comment fic(let)Collapse )

which might, perhaps be part of another Thing. or relate to it. or not. if i return to my senses.

to conclude, i would like to join the estimable ms mergatrude in wishing hopefully for Hugh with wings. Leathery, bat-like, badass wings. Or soft, feathery wings with blue-black primaries and grey downy fluff underneath. ♥ (so she was actually hoping for a manip. i am just aiming a little higher. *looks hopefully at the universe*)

eta: apologies to everyone i seem not to be reading - i am, i am just finding consistent commenting pretty much impossible right now. i keep finding myself gazing, slack-jawed, at empty comment boxes for minutes on end then giving up and obsessively refreshing the weather pages instead...

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[dr nick riviera]hi, everybody![/dr nick riviera*]

Apr. 16th, 2007 | 08:30 pm

i have been mainly awol since thursday as my mother has been visiting. mothers are very tiring. she has now departed by ferry, this morning, after a detour to courthouse where i successfully persuaded them to let me defer my jury service until june. thank fuck!

boring weekend stuff (entertaining female parent stressful: may have told the lesbians-in-the-lobby story after several glasses of wine. it seemed like a good idea at the time.)Collapse )

exciting tales of cycling, or unhurt in hurts self shocker!Collapse )

*interesting fact: "the Canadian Medical Association Journal compared the services of Dr. Hibbert and Dr. Nick.[2] It concludes that Dr. Nick is a better role model for physicians; Dr. Hibbert is a paternalistic and wasteful physician, unlike Dr. Nick, who strives to cut costs and does his best to avoid the coroner." Patterson R, Weijer C. D'oh! An analysis of the medical care provided to the family of Homer J. Simpson. CMAJ. 1998 Dec 15;159(12):1480-1.

p.s. kanzenhanzai? i HATE you! you are the spawn of some kind of (small) pit creature.Collapse )

ETA again: hugh, callum and, um, chris kirkpatrick. n*sync, get out of my lj!

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Dec. 12th, 2006 | 11:46 pm

work is trying to kill me. *crying*Collapse ) BUT. all not bad! card yay! HDRC yay! weirdness yay!Collapse )

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in which i am an eedjit (also there is feminism 101, weevils and blowjobs)

Oct. 28th, 2006 | 06:20 pm

so. i went to the shops to buy fake fur for a halloween costume to wear to hellison's party next saturday (i have martens! i make a cardboard broadsword! i may have seen the beastmaster too many times!). and left my keys on the inside of the front door.

called friend. prised letterbox off with hammer and screwdriver from friend's toolkit. managed to get key and let self back in. replaced letterbox. so far, so good.

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paul and callum and hugh, oh - oh dear.

Sep. 6th, 2006 | 12:46 am

c_regalis is queen of the (f-locked, sorry) comment threads that make my brain do things to with canadian actors. [cleaned up, given capitals where necessary, but otherwise as nature intended.] the excellent scriggle provided inspiration - but is in no way to blame* for the following.

Premise: Paul is in Vancouver. Stalking Callum.
But...Collapse )

ETA: bluebrocade wrote a sequel in the comments with Richard Burgi. i have not words.

*personally, i blame the rosehip tea.

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assuming the foetal position (also, invertebrates)

Aug. 29th, 2006 | 08:36 pm

dear universe. please make me not feel like passing out. period pain is all very well but super special cramps plus shaky weakness, boiling/freezing/boiling personal temperature fluctuations and an exciting headache are not welcome. go way. you have had your time. desist!
the non-complaining bit: on way home, rescued giant caterpillar!Collapse )

ETA: why do i STILL have cramps? what is the deal here, repro organs?

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