undercover-undiscovered-underutilised-underwear (_unhurt_) wrote,

Ayyyyyooowwwwweeee. Urf. This is the noise I find myself making because, no word of a lie, I have spent so much time sat in front of a computer for work and study purposes this past month and more, combined with getting nowhere near enough exercise because the weather and the dark and the work and the studying keep intervening, that my BUTTOCK MUSCLES have lost tone and now my arse is sore. From being sat on. Oh the indignity. Oh the discomfort. Ohhhh so the perfect solution is apparently not to inexpertly attempt yoga stretches (not least because the cat comes and rubs against my face - itchy - or climbs me - claw-y), so I am thinking that after this large glass of red wine I should go out for a relaxing stroll, as it is crispy clear and frosty dark outside with a bit of a moon. Hopefully will not get eaten by trowies*.

Oh - yes- now I remember why i was livejournaling at all tonight: because I am DOOMED. I let the cat sleep on the bed. Several times. And now she thinks she's supposed to sleep there. I AM STILL ALLERGIC. And I am not used to other live things in the bedroom, so sometimes when she walks about on me while I'm asleep I wake up in insta-terror, convinced that an INHUMAN THING is attacking me, when in fact it's just an inhuman feline wanting food/let out of the house, usually at three bastarding AM. I should put a stop to this, but she has taken to walking up the bed and collapsing with a sigh, legs stuck out, and head on the pillow. I don't know how one defends against that.


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