undercover-undiscovered-underutilised-underwear (_unhurt_) wrote,

Am unreasonably angry about people being vile to Prof. Mary Beard on twitter. The inevitable descent into misogynistic commentary on her looks (including, apparently, speculation on her pubic hair) is depressingly unsurprising. And yet, I am still angry!

(Second link took me to bonus feminism-hating, then I stupidly had a look at the Mary Beard facebook group and found anti-immigrant frothing and - of course - people who want to know "what Classics [insert discipline of your choice] has ever done for the British economy". LEARNING ABOUT OLD STUFF: ALWAYS AN ELITIST WASTE OF TIME.)

Perhaps it's a sign of my generally low mood that this makes me feel so gut-twistingly terrible. But today was going so well - there was the beach, and many birds, and big waves, and cottage pie, and perhaps more chocolate than was really necessary, and even a run, and I began to feel as if I am making progress re: this dissertation reading thing. 

I think I might go and re-read hieronymousmosh's outline for a Rupert Giles-centric Buffy/Merlin crossover. Repeatedly. The more I re-read it the more parts of my brain think it might be a good idea. This helps to stop me thinking. Presumably because important parts of my brain have given up on the other parts.

In random footwear news - I got these excellent Rocket Dog plimsoles in the sales when I was south. I like them! Totally suitable for work, right?

Tags: feminazi-ing, rl, stuff
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