undercover-undiscovered-underutilised-underwear (_unhurt_) wrote,

first birthday with a dead dad tomorrow. so i have taken thursday off work, and tonight i am sitting in my living room drinking malbec, eating home-made rice pudding, and rummaging about in the cath kidston website for a present for my wee sister (birthday three days after mine). too many overpriced oilcloth items with floral patterns on them, noooooo.

next plan: another glass of wine and some investigation of the memory stick received in the post from heironymousmosh - it has no cap (due, apparently, to lokis) and bears a scrawl in red permanent marker: "Kpop - come to the ~ridiculous side - there are pretty people". if i am not back in an hour, i have been seduced by giant hats. or i am applying crayons to the MIGHTY AVENGERS COLOURING BOOK - there are three excellent pages of Confused Tony needing you, the colourer's help with very simple problems. he has a nice suit on, though, so that's okay.
Tags: presentssss, rl
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