undercover-undiscovered-underutilised-underwear (_unhurt_) wrote,

attn: hellison and thesme_01:

excellent use of capitalisation, yes?

#1 rl: father news later. off to edinburgh/london tomorrow for work & family times. etc. stuff.

#2 the last two sherlocks were very silly. and yet i enjoyed them, on the balance. i especially enjoyed mycroft. mycroft is my faaavourite. (not so much people who were once on casualty being evil. that was disconcerting!) and i have some reasonably well-formulated ideas about how sherlock managed to Not Be Dead.

#3 sinuses are in winter revolt and trying to climb out of face. again. nose not blocked, weirdly, but eeeeeeeooooowwww the pressure. flying on un(der)pressurised plane tomorrow will be fun...
Tags: hats, rl, sherlock
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