undercover-undiscovered-underutilised-underwear (_unhurt_) wrote,

accidental cats in the home of the allergic

i seem to have been adopted? a scrappy little black stray hangs about the barn here at night, but a few weeks ago she started coming close enough to miaowl at me directly, rather than remaining a pair of eyes and a lot of noise that ran off when approached. she's a small, yelling thing with shredded ears. two weeks ago, this is as far into the house would come (the door had to stay open or she would yowl and panic, letting all the heat escape into the rather windy night). she was bolting food like it would be going away forever any moment -

skittish and nervy but also a crazed, drooling demander of petting (the drooling is not very helpful, given how allergic to cat spit i am) -

anyway, i seem to have been judged a Safe Person, as tonight this is happening, in between headbutting of legs and food bowl refill demands -

and at the moment some kind of feline truce seems to be in order -

though farmcat is doing a fair amount of POINTED STARING AT THE INTERLOPER, she has decided she can sleep (possibly because she's twice the size of the intruder and knows supremacy will be hers should it come to a fight?) oh, wait, now farmcat is pretending to sleep on the chair but EYEING small cat who is purring EXTRA LOUD and rubbing & headbutting all over my legs in a manner i suspect is intentionally designed to provoke...

p.s. for kanzenhanzai

this is what i meant by "plane crash" - fish! in a tin! with tomato sauce! i cannot believe this dietary staple is unknown to you!

(mostly empty tin as i ate the contents on toast before remembering i was going to document it)

Tags: allergy causing monsters with fur, cats, photos, rl
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