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2008 fic roundup thing

hmmm. i can't decide if i wrote more or less than i thought last year. 2009 plan: write more things. try and write more things that are not crack. actually break 2000 word limit???

in chronological order:

untitled snippet of Long Way Down RPS (yes. I KNOW. and i am sorry!) - RPS, Ewan McGregor/Charley Boorman, 234 words, Rish [Long Way Down explained]

Bubbling Under - C6D RPS, HD/CKR, 962 words, PG

untitled snippet - Tin Man, Zero/Askadelia's underwear, 280 words, PG

Under The Sea - C6D RPS, HD/CKR, 1800 words, PG

Calculate the Damage - C6D RPS, HD/CKR, 950 words, R

untitled if-callum-is-in-LA-filming-californication, does-he-stay-at-hugh's-LA-crash-pad? fic - C6D RPS, HD/CKR, 600 words, PG [edited to fix link]

Five Things Joe Has Used For Lube - HCL, Joe/Billy, 530 words, NC17

The Name of the Game - C6D RPS, HD/CKR, 1040 words, R

untitled Hard Core Logo birthday crackfic for mrs_laugh_track - HCL, Joe/Billy, 1600 words, no warnings i think

Callumfornia Uber Alles - C6D RPS, HD/CKR , 347 words, [this is actually f-locked, for, erm, Reasons. sorry?]

Favourite Things - C6D RPS, HD/CKR, 2000 words, Rish

untitled team!fic - Flashpoint, 745 words, perhaps a tiny bit cracky

Callum & Hugh Fuck On A Boat - C6D RPS, HD/CKR, 1800 words, R (sequel to Under The Sea)

HD/CKR; Jo/Billie [HCL genderfuck cheerleading AU!]; deadliest catch - three dubious drabbles

(that WIP meme is here. i finished one of them, anyway, so do i get cookie?)
Tags: fic
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