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this was supposed to be a different post, but: beer leads to... er. MONKEY?

ok, so there's this classical chinese novel i have never read (though i own the reasonably short version in translation) based on a well-known popular myth/story/whathaveyou called journey to the west. it's a thing. a priest and some, um, less than enlightened companions head for india to fetch back some scriptures. there are adventures. it is ACE. the most recent form i have loved (and been a fannish lurker for since before i got an lj) is saiyuki, a cheerfully anachronistic manga written/drawn by a woman and full to the brim with hot, angsty, interesting, and best of all, amusing, characters. kanzenhanzai knows whereof i speak. and indeed, writes them from time to time. (biased link since i beta'd. and am too drunk to dig back for more.) *deleted aside into the ridiculous hotness of cho hakkai and his suppressed. well. psychosis?* also. nii. why is nii hot? i blame kanz, a great great deal!)

but the thing i want to share most? is the version i grew up with. 1970s japanese tv, based on a chinese buddhist text, then dubbed into english with iffy accents. when i was ten this was THE BEST TV SHOW IN THE WORLD. EVER.

this is the original theme (yeah, i know, embedded links , whatever, but seriously. watch it, imagine you are ten years old, and then rewatch it. eeeee!):

season 2's opening is a little more philosophical:

random: episode 1. monkey meets the buddah. and pees on her hand...1

i am not sure it is possible to explain how much i loved this show as a child, or how many hours i spent trying to summon pinkish clouds from the sky to fly upon, fighting masked demons in the back garden, or wondering why tripitaka was treated like a man but was so exceptionally pretty (answer: he was played by an actress) (kanz? sanzo would SULK at this point.)

1 as the info says: After eating the peaches of immortality and strength, Monkey challenges the Jade Emperor for control of Heaven. Buddha is asked to intervene and stops Monkey's battle with the Heavenly Hosts. Meeting with him on top of the Himalayas, Buddha makes Monkey a bet. If he can fly from her hand, she will give him control of heaven.

Monkey calls up a cloud and seemingly flies to the (strangely flesh-coloured) 5 pillars at the end of the Universe.

To prove that he was there, Monkey decides to leave his mark with "a bit of graffiti" While there Monkey also relieves himself behind one of the pillars :)

Returning to Buddha, it is revealed that Monkey never actually left her hand, and Monkey has left his graffiti (and wee) on Buddha's hand. He has lost the bet.

For his impertinence Buddha buries Monkey under a mountain (to teach him patience) He remains there until he is freed by Tripitaka.
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