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is it wrong?

Aug. 23rd, 2008 | 05:54 pm

that i want to go and touch the flailpoint mobile command unit van?

it's parked up behind nathan phillips with some cones round it and tape across the word "police" being all shiny and hugh-has-been-inside-me. it's RIGHT THERE.

i think i might have a problem of some kind?

1.1 forgot to say yesterday - one of the crew guys had an SRU baseball cap. a. I WANT b. i BET MONEY hugh has one and wears it to the shops and stuff.

1.2 i have worked out what find of fanfic callum writes! the thing is, he clearly watches flailpoint. but he can't admit to hugh that he thinks it's really really good. so he sublimates his love for the thigh holsters the show by writing fic instead. *nods* (he totally writes ed/spike. and ed/wordy. and ed/lewis. AND ed/jules. because he's shallow that way. though for some reason he can't slash greg, even though he really likes his voice. (possibly he watched veronica mars?))

1.3 i went to the MEC today. again. i may have some sort of... problem here too. (can you GET rehab for ripstop fabric?)

1.4 if anyone writes flashpoint fic as written by ckr, i will love them forever.

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