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(no subject)

Aug. 22nd, 2008 | 02:32 pm

[slept in; stolen wireless back up - it went down and refused to revive last night, thus the ten million unanswered comments/emails; plans changed from islands and come as you are to art gallery and come as you are and - oh, bugger! - trying to find small portable presents for people at work and possibly my sister as i already have crap beauteous items for the other two]

this post is mainly to say: *whine* i checked the minimise my inclusion in search engines box. so WHY lj am i appearing on GOOGLE ALERTS for HUGH DILLON? yeep! *hides* i would prefer my personal brand of insanity to not be broadcast to the whole interested internets. is that too much to ask? *affects a disguise* hi wider world! i am both harmless and - most of the time - on a whole different continent. ahem.

in other news: genuinely enjoying my stupid deadliest catch book. but not enough to read it in public. *takes rupert of hentzau1 instead*

[eta: thanks meres for pointing this out - c. told me a while back but i kind of sidelined the information. i have advanced denial skills! eta2: AGO closed till november. so i am having coffee & internets.]

and now i have to call work for a crisis update. feh.

1not as good as the prisoner of zenda - insufficient swash & buckle, i feel.

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