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almost forgot!

Aug. 21st, 2008 | 11:52 pm

brain clearly overwhelmed by canada: at 9am this morning i was making my way to the cn tower on foot (after bumping into a leaving antichris at breakfast - hi! hi!), via what i assumed would be an empty nathan phillips square when - i almost FELL OVER a GUN-TOTING MANLY SNIPERING HUGH DILLON. *wibbles* toronto LOVES me. except for how i talked to the crew guy who moved me back ten feet as they were about to shoot the SNIPERING and when we were done (i eventually had to look at the guy - who was very nice - as he was talking to me and it was a bit rude to staaaare at hugh instead), hugh was GONE. wah!

(he did say tiny spoilerCollapse ))

i will totally be going to the ferry via the area of nathan phillips tomorrow!

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