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er, psa? ish?

Aug. 12th, 2008 | 02:13 am

1. people who were supposed to get postcards from scotland who have not yet got any? i have postcards! for everyone! they are just, erm. still sitting on my kitchen table. because... of... reasons? *fails a bit* aaaaand they will eventually issue. it will be a surprise?

2. many ♥ to commenting-on-fic people. i have been slightly hijacked by work, packing & playing with rats but hopefully i will remedy failure to respond tomorrow. at some point.

3. i have been flailing on and off all evening. my tin hat, to steal a line from meresy, can be seen FROM SPACE. eeeee! \u/

4. it appears to be 2.13am, and tomorrow i have to work like a crazy person, clean rats, send rats to rat sitter and finish packing. help! *runs in circles*

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*steals picture*

Aug. 12th, 2008 | 12:31 pm

*is not really online* *is also DEAD FROM THE LUST*

callum keith rennie: really bad for my ovaries. jesus.Collapse )

dear universe,

er, this was bigger than expected, oopsCollapse )

that is all.

love and my firstborn if you comply,


i wanna bite his EAR. *whimper*

(see here for more. )

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