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things, stuff, procrastination

Aug. 9th, 2008 | 10:35 pm

1. technically i am AGAINST sir walter scott. on the grounds that he goes on a bit. but i had forgotten how much fun that can be:
"Whatever of guilt, crime, imposture, folly, unheard-of misfortunes, and unlooked-for change of fortune, can be found to chequer life, my Last Speech of the Tolbooth should illustrate with examples sufficient to gorge even the public's all-devouring appetite for the wonderful and horrible. The inventor of fictitious narratives has to rack his brains for means to diversify his tale, and after all can hardly hit upon characters or incidents which have not been used again and again, until they are familiar to the eye of the reader, so that the development, enlévement, the desperate wound of which the hero never dies, the burning fever from which the heroine is sure to recover, become a mere matter of course. I join with my honest friend Crabbe, and have an unlucky propensity to hope, when hope is lost, and to rely upon the cork-jacket, which carries the heroes of romance safe through all the billows of affliction.''

hee! *loves* i suspect i have found my aeroplane book for wednesday...

meanwhile i am imagining a fic challenge in which people write really inappropriate fandoms in the style of SWS.

2. *peruses meresy's flashpoint 1x01 caps* *again* this sequence may never stop making me make small, undignified noises that probably translate as !!alpha!!male!!tactical!!nrghh!!Collapse )

3. still very behind, and only just read this bruce mcd interview scriggle posted. i may love bruce. remain ambivalent shading to erchy re: apatow.Collapse )

my tin hat is getting pretty shiny. is all i'm saying.

4. i swear i will finish one of the multiple crappy WIPs i have on the go right now soon. someone tell me to put my back into it or something? threaten beatings? thank you! most helpful!

5. eta: must read & print con comm stuff tomorrow. note to self: do not forget, you will have no time monday and tuesday!

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