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i really have to go to bed

Aug. 2nd, 2008 | 01:04 am

but! excited! for i have booked toronto! \u/

for anyone who might want this information: i arrive on the 13th some time about lunchtime. i suspect i will not get to the con hotel till, oh. 4ish? maybe earlier, but i have not yet looked at meres's how-to post on pearson-downtown transport. my ROOMIES (eee!) kanzenhanzai and mrs_laugh_track arrive... sometime on thursday, i am not sure what times, as i suck. we check out on sunday (or, i hope so. kanz may have to head on saturday but only if i don't, you know. cuff her to the bed and make her watch a deadliest catch/ice road truckers/ax men marathon on discovery. which could easily happen. by accident. um.) after that i'm staying at the neill-wycik summer hotel (they say they have a sauna! this seems a bit much for a student residence?). no internets (*sadface*) but at less that $40 a night for a single i am not complaining. no doubt i will be surrounded by Youths (sorry sonia!) but i can live with that.

tomorrow i have to get up reasonably early, and try and decide what to wear to pride (i have never marched before. i am kind of nervous, but a friend asked me to go with, so!) - it may be hot and sticky and dry, or it may be hot and sticky an POURING FROM THE HEAVENS, and i have nothing suitable for either scenario. also i am meeting her for breakfast at the market at 11. can we say belgian waffles? oh yes!

then i need to read the guidebook and decide what i want to DO in toronto (except eat, obviously) when i am not with fangirls. for those parts i will probably just trail after anyone who will have me (though i rather want to go up the cn tower. i am a sucker for tall things!).

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