undercover-undiscovered-underutilised-underwear (_unhurt_) wrote,

flashpoint #7 (YES i am posting again. er. sorry?)

okaaay. why is ed mopping cute? *has a problem*

this stands for the whole episode - if they would stop setting up jules and sam i could be disposed to learn to like him. really! though i may be criticising HIS acting choices a little tiny bit. just - no romance please! *futile hopes* *pets jules*

(jules is SO WEE next to ed. awww!)

wow, toronto gets to be pretty in this episode. and now i recognise stuff. which is plenty cool! also, i guess this must be the episode where they were shooting in a conservation area, like the crew guy told me? neat!

ooh, ed setting newbie cop to rights. er. i might like that? a lot?

my people don't like the woods HEE! ♥ spike ♥ almost as adorable as wordy. which is hard!

but, okay, it would be nice if lewis got to - you know - TALK more? please?

la la la sexy in-the-woods-ed. also he said domicile. nice. also la la la sexy ANGRY ed, mmm.

do i scent potential greg/dr luria? i think i do. i am not sure how i feel about that at this time. but greg's voice - doing it for me! if he ever loses his job at the SRU, he could do phone sex instead. really relaxing phone sex...


BOYS! EEE! the post-burny-spike scenes? *smishes them*

ed in the doorway talking to mean abusive dad guy? OH YEAH. *cough* sorry, but - hot!

so, that was fun if lacking in the usual suspense levels, and i am not sure i like that jules is employed as their civilian-calmer in the woods though i will admit yeah, i see the logic as she might seem less threatening than the others (though if greg or wordy were there i assume that would be their role?); it's a little bit Nurturing Woman, especially after the whole sam thing at the start. also flashpoint is kind of failing on the women talking to other women level - yeah, i saw last week too, but i mean. does jules ever talk to dr luria much? i guess it's more - there are only two women on the Team, so...

still loving the Team though. (and ed's walk . *is shallow*)

in conclusion - can now read other posts about this ep, woo! *runs off to do that*

eta: now i have read china's post i totally want the fic where ed takes jules home to act as his domestic translator. she moves into the spare room. eventually jules and ed's wife get together because they're capable of having actual conversations and ed moves into greg's place and they talk 12-step-programmes and have low-key hot manly sex angst together. wordy gets them a brass sign for the door that says "Man Cave" on it.
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