undercover-undiscovered-underutilised-underwear (_unhurt_) wrote,

(i really need a crab icon of some sort)

*shamelessly betrays confidence*

i just wanted to make sure people are aware that c_regalis has been watching THE DEADLIEST CATCH*. in fact, i believe she has been actively seeking it out on the internets. *wins the universe* *of pimping people into discovery shows about the bering sea* *HAS QUITE LOW STANDARDS RE: WINNING OK*

*mentally casts ckr in alaskan fishing drama* hmm. does he drown? or does he feel responsible for the deaths of his whole crew [possibly in a grim and ironic outbreak of on-board food-poisoning caused by - *gasp* undercooked crab meat] leading to depressing introspective dialogue-free filmaking in which abandoned crab pots function as a bleak metaphor for the financial and spiritual decline of both the small fishing community AND the main character.

today i have been sorting through the reams of excess paper around my desk in a frenzy of real-work-avoiddant shredding. and i found this A4 printout. i am not quite sure what project he was related to..

but now he is going on the wall. professional atmosphere wha? *goes home*

*omg. there is a fan wiki hosted on discovery channel servers:
Whatcha' waitin' for? Get those survival suits on and take these urgent orders from Capt. Sig

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