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in the bath; not responsible for this in any way; la la la la la (also, i am SPAMMY this past 24hrs)

but feel free to expand (llassah, i think i am mainly looking at you. *g*)

JUST for c. who will probably defriend me now. ahem.

Zero shifted, moving his weight from foot to foot, but carefully, so that it didn't look or sound as though he was fidgeting (the leather creaked). It was cold and dank down here, but even officers had to do guard duty sometimes. Guard duty and worse. She found it amusing. If Zero had been a more philosophical type he would have been glad he wasn't cleaning the royal bathroom. Instead he was just disgruntled. Cooly, sneeringly disgruntled, but nonetheless... It would have chafed less if - well. Sometimes you found a siver lining in a bad day. And then it came back to bite you in the ass. Or at least slide uncomfortably up it.

He practiced curling his lip as a junior longcoat hurried down the tunnel on an errand. The youth saluted nervously and tried not to cringe as he passed. That made Zero feel a little better despite his discomfort. He started to slide his unencumbered arm into his coat, hoping there would be time to adjust things before the next-- no such luck. The sound of more tramping leather boots warned him back to a semblance of attention. He briefly closed his eyes and promised himself that next time, next time Askadelia insisted that one of her senior enforcers wash her - personal items - he would not allow himself to succumb to temptation. Four more hours standing here with a pair of sheer black silken panties compressing his manhood and slipping up his ass would only increase his resolve.


Upstairs, clad in nothing but her second-best panties and a surprisingly comfortable basque, Askadelia adjusted the viewer and smirked. The day after laundry day was always at least mildly diverting.


really, c, i don't understand this objection you have to zero in ill-fitting ladies delicates. i think he feels misunderstood too!


[ETA: not in bath. ran bath while copying text into semagic. hot water ran out and bath all tepid and ick. *sad*]

Tags: fic
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