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off work, should be reading fic, but instead....

trying to buy a new calendar online. eventually found one with cowgirls on (COWGIRLS!). in the process though, i found this one. picture:

it's a bit posed, but. well. UNIFORM.

still kind of sick, but am attempting scrambled eggs. yellow and white food, that's the thing when one's innards revolt! (last night ate some plain boiled rice; think this helped) (dinner tonight will be cauliflower cheese. if still feeling ok, this will be followed by vanilla ice cream and a chopped banana.) illness not really helped by thesme_01 being a bering-sea pervert. (f-locked, but i quote: Edgar couldn't believe what he was seeing below decks. In a mess of survival suits and pincers, Phil appeared to be 'entertaining' himself with a large male Opilio crab. 'Fuck that' Edgar thought to himself in a kind of Alaskan/Norwegiany thought accent, 'I can do far far better than a crustacean'. BUT COULD HE? Stay tuned for the next episode of Deadliest Catch: Crustacean Love. also the words 'massaging the crab to make sure they stay healthy' were used.) but really. some people are so easily traumatised by much less disturbing concepts. so. just for hellison:

"Ewan? Hey, Ewan? Wake up, please."
Yawning, Ewan blinked up at Charley's red face. "What is it? I hope it's important. Are elephants are about to crush the campsite or the bikes? Is this a disaster emergency, 'Run Ewan, run! Save yourself!' situation? Because I think I was dreaming about my wife."
Charley looked a little sheepish. "Yeah. Well, that's the issue, mate. I think you probably were dreaming about something like that. You keep making these noises."
"Noises? What kind of noises?"
"Do you really want me to do them? It might wake Claudio."
"Yeah, okay, maybe not. Maybe – Charley? Why is your hand there?"
"Where? Oh, there? I just thought that – you know. We're going to be out here for a long time, and I really miss my wife too."
"Oh no. No way! We talked about this before, Charley!"
"Oh, come on. I can even speak some French."
"No! Absolutely not!"
"Aw, not even a little bit? I mean, come on. We are supposed to be going down for two whole months."
"Oh, hang on. You're offering to-- on me? Oh. Well then. Be my guest."
"Don’t mind if I do."
"You are a true friend and a gentleman, Charley."
"Very kind of you to notice."
"No lightsaber jokes, now."
"Mff mphh mmt."

Two tents down Claudio smiled to himself. The miniature night-vision tent-cam was finally going to come in handy.


i go eat now.

ETA: stupid germs! four hour "nap" in layers of clothes under duvet with heating on possible sign they still here. and i need to go to the shop, but it is now SNOWING for the first time this winter! (uk coastal snow, so not much of it, but, still!)
Tags: fic, rps, wrong and disturbing ideas
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