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worth a couple hundred grand, chevys all colours man

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friends only


friends only.

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Hi, this is girlfindsworld - I got a new journal, and was wondering if it would be ok to add you to it?

- Beth ♥

yo kelly. where is you todayy? I'm in comm tech. everyone is so behind for filming their production. Yesterday was supposed to be the last day..but we still need to do four more. :-)

add my new journal


NOT a rating community.
Simple and effortless to join.
Not to mention, a lot of fun.

letting you know that I have a new account denisekara.

hey hun, it's krysten. add me back please.

hey love, this is my last attempt at trying to maintain a livejournal. please add me x

consider applying to empires! sorry if this is annoying. :(

hi girl, added you from ss. add me back?

hi! Idk what happened with the SS stuff but are we still cool?

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