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09 July 2008 @ 11:10 am
This is all in regards to Dr Henry Morgentaler.

Former lieutenant-governor returns Order of Canada in protest

First of all, I would like to say how surprisingly PROUD I was upon hearing that Morgentaler was to receive such an honour in Canada considering our country has currently elected a Conservative--albeit minority--government and the controversial nature of his hard work despite all the limitless good he has provided for the enrichment of our country and it's population at his very own personal cost and at some points even freedom. As well as his leading role in revolutionizing our laws and providing the public with absolute unabashed truth and intelligence by striking down the general ignorance of which our country had been fed by it's leaders both official and religious. Knowledge is the foundation on which freedom is built.

Secondly, at first I was a little taken aback and saddened when I found out previous receivers of the Order of Canada were returning their honours in protest of Morgentaler being named on this year's list. However, the more I read about the people who were returning them--including a priest who was accused of child abuse--I began to realized that I am HAPPY that these ignorant people will no longer be honoured and forfeiting their titles because frankly THEY ARE NOT WORTHY to be named with such a great man. If they cannot at least accept that there are opinions of others which happen to differ with their own and are even in compliance with our CURRENT legislation, then they are just plain undeserving fools ill-named of such an honour.

I’d also like to mention how disturbed and disgusted I was to read that our own Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated that he would prefer the honour be appointed to someone who “unifies Canada” rather than Dr Henry Morgentaler. Now please tell me, who unifies a nation better than a crusader for basic human rights and equality amongst all it’s citizens? Perhaps someone should let Harper know that we still live a country where women are paid 17% less than men.

Personally, I believe that abortion is the right of every and any woman and I am very proud to have Morgentaler as a Canadian citizen who gave up so much in his life to make our rights known and recognized. It makes me proud to have been born in Montreal, as goes his slogan "EVERY CHILD WANTED" and as a current resident of Ontario. It is in my rightful opinion to believe that anyone who opposes abortion on any active front HATES women, HATES democracy and HATES personal freedom.

As we all know, there are two opinions to every story but what irks me the most is that pro-lifers try to force their own opinions on the entire population of women and choose FOR them while the pro-choicers simply want the right to CHOOSE for themselves. I would never even entertain the notion of ever depriving another woman from having that choice for herself and I hope that those who believe otherwise take it upon themselves to be further educated in the matter.