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edited: March 5th, 2006

Uncensored is my private journal, where I expose certain sides of me that I rarely ever get a chance to show (not in that sort of way folks). I'm not a huge fan of blogging abou my personal life in public, so this is my way of doing it in a controlled environment. From random shit stright out of my ass to the deepest confessions. You'll get it all here.

Here's a bit on my personality and all that good stuff just so theres no surprises. I'm not fond of these things because I tend to ramble, but in a flash i'm: 21, filipina, can't speak tagalog, married with no kids and two pups. enlisted in the u.s. air force (so please no anti-military bullshit). i love web/graphic design, traveling, wwe (raw), video games, eating and ummm... ya tons of other things haha.

I'm not on as often, I comment whenever I can. So based on that, my expectations aren't too high of everyone. I DO, however do friend cuts whenever I have a buttload of people I don't remember. Other than that i'm not too picky.