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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2005|12:58 pm]
[mood |mellowmellow]

So, today I mowed my uncles yard and made me some ten bucks. YES! I've actually got money. Believe it or not I actually enjoyed it for some reason, the mowing I mean. And I looke HOT lol...all sweaty, no shirt, and rolled up pants. SEXY! NOT!

Someone PLEASE tell me how to make my journal friends only!

This weekend should be good. Saturday is Zack's party and I hope to see a good friend. Then Sunday me, Burkhart, and Dalena are going to Evansville early for some horse racing...and gambling. Then to the Briefs, Street Dogs, and Brain Failure. After than I'm more than likely going to stay with pat for a while. I'm excited..can't wait till this day is over.
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I might be a "sunshine patriot" but its better than being pissed at the world. [Aug. 19th, 2005|01:46 am]
[mood |bouncyAWESOME!!!!!!]
[music |Ummm.....damn it....I've got nothin']

Well, after what happened today I am def. done. I'm not wasting my time on someone that is so childish and mean. It sucks but I know that I can pull through...besides, she's not who I fell in love with to begin with by any means. So, I'm moving on. Done.

Today wasn't so bad. My parents invited me to dinner with them. I got a nose stud so I won't have to wear that god awful ring the size of texas. I found my bag today...the worker dudes at the memorial found it and called my dad...somehow, I don't know how but they found their number. (btw...I lost my bag yesterday...I didn't mention that) AND I get to make ten bucks tomorrow...mowing a small yard. GO ME!!! I also got to see drew today. I missed that kid. We watched this weird ass video/movie thing that still confuses the crap out of me....Its "rubber johnny" *shudders* I don't know what to think of that one.

Downside of today, I think my demo may go out the window...I'm not so sure if I want to record it anymore. I'll have to sleep on that one.

Ive got alot on my mind right now. I'm feeling rather opptimistic for some strange reason. Lets just see how this weekend goes.
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I'll pay [Aug. 18th, 2005|04:29 pm]
[mood |hungryhungry]

I'd like to actually go out to eat today...but eating alone sucks. Anyone want to go on a date? HA.
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2005|02:43 am]
Sorry, just disregard everything I have said...it means nothing to you anyway.
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Just keep shitting on me.....I'm getting used to it. [Aug. 18th, 2005|02:32 am]
What's the point in trying to be the best that you can if it gets you nowhere?
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How can people just dissregard other people's feeling? [Aug. 18th, 2005|02:05 am]
So today was absolutely amazing. I had an exelent day all day today. We ended up actually having that s'mores cookout with Chris, Chris, Dalena, Gabby, Bridget, Melanie, Damion, and Harrison. It was wonderful.

I'm going to refrain from writing anymore...I've got alot on my mind but keeping my mouth shut is what is expected of me anymore.
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GREAT PLAN!!! READ ME!!! [Aug. 17th, 2005|03:57 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]

So, I've got this WONDERFUL idea for tonight. Around 8ish or something I want to get some people together, go to the IL side of the river, start a fire, and have some s'mores. How's that sounds?! GREAT if you ask me.

*MAYBE MUSIC? haha...

If you want to hang out tonight...give us a call on Burkhart's cell. Or comment and I might see it or I might not. who knows.
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You really surprise me. [Aug. 17th, 2005|01:25 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

Well, I got the best of myself once again and deleted my huge entry last night.

I'm so sick of Vincennes. There are a total of 3 people living here who are still true to themselves and are still caring and loving. I guess its inevitable to change into a self-absorbed, selfish, jerk when you live in Vincennes. If the Coatney's house was a business...they'd be rich in this town.

I wish I could learn to stop caring...then life would be easier. I'm just sick of everyone walking all over me when I'm trying my best. Nearly EVERYONE does that to me. I'm trying my best and people keep pushing me down. Like I said last nigth. I feel like a kid climbing a tree and the people that supposedlly care are pushing me back down and laughing...but I'm cutting down that tree. I'm just ignoring all these people that are trying to bring me down. I'm going to find people that appriciate and really do care about me. I've got only a few in this town and I'm greatful. And I know that these few people will stay true to me. These people are Chris, Chris, and Gabby. Dalena while she's here. Other then them...You've really surprised me. I never would have thought. Oh well. I just want the hell out of this town...find people that can appriciate me. Isn't trying worth anything to you? I know I've made mistakes but at least I can admit them and I'm trying to redeem myself and better myself. What are you doing? You're all the same. My parents, my "friends", and every other fake person in this town. You say you want the best for me but when I try you shut me down.

How can you just stop loving someone? You never did to begin with.
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2005|11:49 am]
[mood |creative]
[music |Rilo Kiley]

I really dislike getting up early. I have such a long day now. I don't like doing anything till later, besides there's not really anything to do. Oh well, soon I'm going to shower and try and get a hold of some friend then try and sell a bunch of stuff.

Right now I'm righting an essay, sort of. I've been writing alot lately. Essays, songs, and anything on my mind. I like it. I'm kinda keeping a real journal...cause I know that none of you want to hear philisophical, spiritual, idealistic things etc.

ps-Anyone know the name transindentalists called God?
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wontr3mainsilent@hotmail.com........DO IT OR DIE!!!!!! [Aug. 15th, 2005|12:49 pm]

I know I posted this once already but I'm going to rape your friends lits until I get everyone's info.



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