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so it's been over a year since i've used this thing. i guess this is just a little way to maybe start it up again. even if i don't use it for another bunch of months lol

it's been a heck of a year. every now and then i have those moments where i just reflect on the things that have happened since the end of 2007. trying to think about it right now i can only come up with a few things that have made me really happy or excited about the future and then other things that have done the complete opposite. in 2007 i had my second-last lot of teaching rounds with an amazing group of preppies and i was so excited about the possibility of becoming a teacher and this year i had a rather mediocre experience. the kids were great but i was left feeling like an idiot for looking at this as a career. one of the worst experiences is just that. going from experiencing something incredibly enriching and looking forward to seeing what will happen in the day to getting sick of the same feedback, judgment and frustrations.

then there was my trip to chile. an 8 week blur of people, places and no time. i managed to achieve most of the things i had planned including getting to know my nephews, writing down what i could of the family tree and avoiding sickness from drinking the water.
the family is massive overseas and that pretty much took up all the time we had. i suppose i had a bit of a misconception as well. it's a pretty small family i've got here and while we've had our issues, we're a united lot of misfits. i went to chile thinking something rather similar would be happening and it was all mush when i got there. crazy aunt, crazy cousins, sick grandmother and more crazy relatives (keep in mind that family extends to more than just cousins and could possibly mean an entire barrio could ask you for a loan). among the disappointments were mum getting her new camera stolen at a relative's house, hearing stories of how people treat others and finding the bread to be a lot less tasty than what it used to be. don't get me wrong...there were plenty of highlights. i got to talk to my grandparents face to face for only the third proper time in my life and getting to know a bit more about their lives. i also visited parts of the andes, went near snow capped volcanoes, ate some of my favourite traditional chilean foods, improve my spanish, buy a bunch of handmade crafts and take my grandmother to the hairdresser.

besides the culture shock of some days and realising i'm a lot more aware of water wasting now, the year started off pretty good. i've gotten myself a new job at sanity which is strange because i didn't realise that many people actually shop there until i had to work. andre rieu is beyond popular in that place and it's a worry when people ask if we "have anything new by andre because i've already got EVERYTHING else by him".

uni has improved. i haven't failed anything this year. about bloody time, eh?

i am also still in the same relationship since my last posting. can't say that has happened since high school and even then it doesn't count. i suppose the distance doesn't help or me not being able to drive. this year was also when i got a definite legal answer from vicroads saying i can't. one of the most disappointing and frustrating things to be told this year and although i thought i was prepared to hear it, i think a part of me still held onto some hope.

friends have been good this year. without those few that i probably revealed too much to or felt comfortable enough to cry in front of, this year could've been a lot tougher. a few hiccups here and there but that'll happen.

i suppose having done some sort of summary is still an effort. maybe i can update this thing from now on with other useless things.

now some photos!

one of my grandfathers

smoked fish in a wheelbarrow in coquimbo. the one place that managed to make me sick from fried food hahah

some extremely dedicated dancers at a religious festival in the north of chile. i think this was about the third day in a row they'd been dancing in the summer heat of andacollo.

the drumming that could be heard upon arrival was one of the most fantastic sounds ever.

abandoned ships in a place which had notoriously been used by pirates centuries ago.

the ugliest fly i have ever seen!also, the most annoying.

chasing baby llamas

small portion of a curanto. otherwise known as whatever seafood didn't escape this morning.

the backyard of some homes in the south of chile.

michael the archangel

one of my grandmothers.

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"do you remember this spot?"

blissful freedom :)

well, a lot more blissful than the last couple of week of uni lol

armageddon at the melbourne exhibtion centre on a sunday :) christ that was fun. nerdy but fun.
some expensive purchases were made and luckily not on my part as well as lots of excited squeals and girlish yelps. again, not always on my part. the guy that draws the pictures for heroes (isaac mendez) drew me a picture of hiro. pretty fucking excited teeheehee you can see a geeky as photo of me somewhere on his blogspot. pretty shit photo too. yuck!
later on shared some irish pub food with rod and tristan where the boys checked out the irish waitresses.

ahem. i wish i could've met this guy:

went to the camberwell civic centre for the first time to see parkway drive, her nightmare and the warriors on the monday night with christie and tristan. had caught up with jamie and jim beforehand at sectionate bar for the first time. lovely chatting with those kids and being confused by their banter.
the show was pretty good but i was drained at the time so maybe i didn't enjoy it as much as i could've. the merch guy was hot to both christie and i's delight hahah got a bit of a spider scare on the way home. thanks christie.

luckily i managed to write up all my essays on time but whether or not the quality of them will concede a pass is up for debate. spoke to my art lecturer again about what kind of price to ask for my painting and i suppose it's not much but at this point i really need as much cash to take with me overseas although i did my taxes online the other day and should be getting a couple hundred back. funny, i've usually done them with an accountant in st kilda the last couple of years and both times i've owed an extra 160 or so $$$. hmmmm

wednesday went to the arthouse for the first time in yonks. arrived a bit late so listened to no way out (?) while outside and talked doddsy's ear off until tristan arrived. found a stack of wonderful people inside so i was a little overwhelmed with being sociable. kept finding myself thinking i had to go to bed early or had to do more homework. watched most of the broderick and all of the seduction and the warriors which were excellent. brett was jumping around pretty excited most of the time which is pretty funny to see with someone so laid back. good egg that one.

thursday caught up with christie for some din dins at a really nice chinese place. felt a bit like i was cheating on dodgy dumplings but the prawn and bamboo dumplings were totally worth it lol made our way to next for the first time in awhile to watch blueline medic and furcurve. glad i managed to catch one of their shows coz those guys were entertaining. the singer definitely put on a show even though there were probably about 20 people at that stage. rather big night and crashed at christie's where i finally got to see ally and their mum the next day! many pardons for my rather rank "i was drinking last night" breath.

friday was pretty laid back coz of work but then tristan had tara come round and pick me up after their hockey presentation in huntingdale. was the first time i'd ever seen him in a suit :) also i think the first time my folks saw him covering up being drunk lol. watched that pirates of the caribbean porn. oh fuck, that was hilarious. fair wrong but definitely hilarious.

saturday went to highpoint again and saw a few boys wearing fluoro singlets. peculiar.

went to bang for the first time in about a month or so. once again saw lots of lovely people and i think everyone was in relatively good spirits which made the night fun but my feet managed to get absolutely trampled and i'm currently in the healing process.

so far i've just been trying to organise what i can before rounds start. today that meant a few phone calls and sewing a costume up for saturday. tomorrow i've got an appointment with my specialist. hopefully after this one i won't have to see him for another year and the tests i'll get will show that my treatment is finally over.

gosh, that'd be nice.
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some time to think. some time to procrastinate.

    a few lessons i have learned in recent years:
  • the best way to learn a lesson is to experience it yourself. hopefully once is enough.

  • something done in the dark will still come to light

  • as much as you can trust someone, the only one you can trust completely is yourself

  • you will always be influenced by others. no matter how much you try and deny it.

  • even if you forget something, at the most unexpected moment, you'll be reminded of it.

  • people will always believe what they want to believe.

  • going back for more is not necessarily a wise choice.

  • crying in front of others is okay.

  • it might be the last time you'll ever see them.

  • wounds can heal.

  • always carry extra tissues with you.

plenty more but, yeah, this is a few of the things i should have probably learnt before the age of 18 ahahah well, off to homework i go...

i miss all of you a whole bunch :(

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"nice and tight"

i haven't really been enjoying the last 3 weeks or so. uni, for one, is leaving me no time to do anything. anything i want to do anyways. everything is due within the next week and a half so hopefully that means i can have some freedom soon although i start my teaching rounds on the 15th, finish on the 7th then fly off to chile for 2 months on the 9th.

i've got a whole class of preps to look forward to working with :) the only thing i'm not really keen on is the singing part of teaching them. nursery rhymes aren't exactly my forte. anyone know of any good peter combe downloads?

spent a night at the place tristan had been housesitting during his last week there then went to shell's birthday drinks at madame brussels. i'm pretty sure that place is exactly what my future house is going to look like. had an early night as i was lisa's date for some 21st in nunawading.

i've been working but not as much as i'd like. last pay i only got $46. thankfully, i'd bought tristan some tickets the other week so i hassled him for the money so i could survive. my goon powers aren't up to scratch just yet...

haven't been going out except for erika's 21st dinner at her place and cale's 21st in st kilda last friday. to say i was in bad shape/bad mood on either night is an understatement. was nice to see people but disappointments and pains were annoyingly featured. haven't even had a chance to catch up with anyone on thursdays :( saw jim for the first time in months for a quick dodgy dumpling fix and was lovely to have one of our chats. i think i really needed it actually. my goopy soup made for an interesting meal as well.

found out i lost on a hotel stay by one vote on the exhibition night for the art education students. pretty chuffed i even got one vote for that canvas i made. nice.

i was at highpoint one day..?
i actually like that place. something different i suppose hahah poor ol' chaddy...
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Dreamers never live, only dream of it

dunno why i keep forgetting to update. it's always the same things too har..

the month has actually gone by a lot faster than i'd like it to purely because of the fact i leave all my work to the last moments and waste any decent time by doing nothing. or eating.

suppose from the last entry i had the final phase of rod's birthday. as predicted, rod decided to change location of meeting by the time we'd already settled down to a few drinks at bimbos and needed to leave for a going away thing. pretty sure he at least enjoyed the double strength drink tristan bought him but didn't exactly appreciate me overhearing him talking about one night stands and the urge to gnaw his arm off when he saw what he'd woken up next to. a great role model i have.

pretty sure my saturday nights out for most of the last couple of weeks have involved bang whether it was after tara's birthday dinner, a going away or lack of ideas of where to go. there were happily some nights in so i saved some of the money i'm trying to not touch. i feel like such a goon lately because i've been trying to track down any cash or items i've lent people in the last couple of months. many apologies to those of you that have suffered my limp wristed attempts at hassling you for the money...

had the family bbq on saturday to celebrate chilean independence day. i should probably invest in a stomach pump for next year and for my trip at the end of the year. bit concerned about the amount of weight i'll be piling on in just 8 weeks but i guess that just means there'll be more of me to love, eh?

thursdays are still my favourite days of the week. been spending that day hanging out with christie and/or the germans/ally/maria. went to next for the first time in about 4 months one night and tripped and fell walking down lonsdale street prior to any alcohol consumption. i should probably get my ears tested for balance or something coz that flight was pretty much unachievable by most human standards. only stuck around for about 2 hours and managed to bump into joel for his going away thing and came to the revelation that i had his number wrong in my phone.

tristan's ice hockey games have probably left me with a higher tolerance for the cold. i'm still needing to master the whinging part of it :)

watched the girls record their demo for syn yesterday. break it dowwwwwwwwwnnnnnnn lol they're so damn adorable.

probably one of the most exciting things to happen so far in this month was seeing bayside last friday. met up with mishy and yash for the ever reliable dodgy dumplings and pretty much overstuffed myself with noodles and some ricadonna lol
got a good spot on the floor but so did every other tall dude in front of me. drunk dickheads were giving me the shits and i was able to let some aggression out everytime they smacked into me. i'm beginning to wonder how good giving a punch in the face will feel.
was pretty shattered they only had a half hour set. geez, they played so well ^%%#&@%@!!!#@!@%$&&&*%$&*# hahahaha was lovely to see beck and merissa alive and well after so long ;) think i hassled them enough to last a lifetime though.

there's an overload of 21st's coming up. need to start brainstorming gift ideas and get rich quick schemes...

well, am looking forward to tomorrow night and the week of 'holidays'. hopefully i actually do my assignments in this time for once :(

i recently discovered one of the best feelings is relief. particularly when you are told that the subject you apparently failed was an error and you actually passed. bloody, stupid ACU.

and now i share with you the canvas i've been made to work on for a class:

apparently it's water themed and based on the characteristics of my water sign. ideas?

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i've been fiddling around with my ear and a 3m stretcher since yesterday.

it feels like losing my virginity all over again. minus the...well, yeah.
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newwwspaper mama...

hmmmm july came and went. about over a month since i updated so the memories are already fuzzy and blurring into one.
    July endings:
  • sparta. omfg. wow. great. hooray. yessss.

  • catch ups

  • finally organising my final 21st phase

  • family bbq/e55/bang

  • shaz's 21st in mulgrave/bang & cab sharing while drinking cruisers

  • mal returning...and leaving. again.

  • adam's incredibly well organised birthday night at the rochester & bump ins with old faces

  • buckley ward at the rob roy

  • uni. yuck.

august so far has been going alright. some little whinges every now and then but i've learnt that it pretty much can't ever be avoided.

had my 21st celebration at the arcadia hotel split with a pre 32nd birthday for my brother, rod. needless to say i was rather badly organised and am amazed that it even happened. i'd forgotten about 500$ on the night, arrived to decorate at the time i told people to get there and left music to the last second and even forgot the mixed cds i'd made just before leaving my house. go me.
was pretty chuffed that the bar tab lasted as long as it did and to see several faces even if it was brief. means a lot to see that some people made an effort even though i know it was difficult.

had some free entries for gymclass heroes the next night at billboards as did about a thousand others. i thought they did put on a rather nice show with the main guy showing a fair bit of charm and was rather glad i hadn't forked over the cash for a ticket as i'd previously wanted to. bit upset i missed the academy is... as i've heard good things :( kind of keen on seeing paramore but like always, money is getting in the way hahahaha fuck, i need to find a winning scratchie ticket or something.

carlos' dress up 21st the other weekend in dandenong. superheroes and villains included a mighty mouse, a few supermen, 2 xena warrior princesses, some baby tmnt's, han solo, mario from nintendo fame, wolverine among others. quite a nice night though there was a slight downer in the form of big mouths that like to pretend they're better than others ughhh
yours truly decided to go as a silent film villain. apparently nobody got it lol

went for a brief shopping run the other weekend with karli, beckie, ash and erin which was lovely. nice to hang out with girls like that. sorry tristan.

thursdays have turned into my favourite days of the week lately. i have the only class i look forward to where i go to uni for 2 hours to play with art materials then run off for a catch up with christie and maria at syn and will generally include food &/or cushioned underwear. fun.

got myself a new bed frame from ikea for free and cheapish mattress from my brother so hopefully i can find the money to buy all new bedding for it. because of it, i tidied up both of the rooms i spend my time in and finally got rid of all the shit i should've destroyed years ago.

mum's crazy menopausal symptoms are driving me up the wall. it's pretty much fighting and mum saying she gives up on me with consistent prayers to god and stuff. siiiigh

several photo albums found here.

i share with you the wonderful undies:

i love the people around me. even if i don't particularly show it all the time, there's just not enough words to express my thanks and hopes for you all. i want things to work out for everyone.

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something better than mistakes

i hate that the past can leave me with such a bitter taste.
i want to be able to let go of the things that had hurt me so much in such a way that i've let the worst things happen. and avoided the chances that could have been better than expected...

i want to be able to forgive. or accept. even though i know i've accepted the wrong things far too many times for it to be possible anymore.

i suppose it's just that time of year where i go all retrospective. i don't care for it.
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i was just told that my dad was walking around clayton with one of these stuck to his back.

hahahah i'm sure he deserved it somehow.
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