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Cradled In Guilt...

We Will Both Deny Your Flaws.

Ted Tonks (Mudblood Whore)
Character's Name: Theodore Michael Tonks
Character's Gender: Male

Character's Appearance: Ted is 16, about 5’11” and has long, (speculated to be muggle-dyed) black hair. He has dark eyes and smooth pale skin inherited from his mother. Tending to walk with his head held high, a very dark navy blue Ravenclaw robe (covered at the rims with patches from various bands, muggle and magical, although he’s been yelled at for them several times) typically flows behind him. Under that lies, on a school day, a ragged black V-necked sweater with a ruffled collar poking out from underneath.

Character's History: Born into a completely non-magical muggle family, Ted grew up as a young child with no idea of what the actual capabilities of magic were. At around 9, he began, with his mothers forceful encouragement, volunteering at a local nursing home. It was there that he met an old wizard named Marvuss Jacklefoot, who had chosen a muggle nursing home, knowing he was on the last years of his life. He saw Ted as a smart, sweet child and began telling him about the wonders of magic. For the next couple years Ted went to visit him nearly every other day, quickly becoming fascinated with the man and his talks. By the time Ted had almost reached his 11th birthday, Marvuss had already sent several letters to Hogwarts School asking if they could accept a new boy. Finally, on Ted’s 11th the acceptance letter was delivered. His mother was confused and horrified, but after a few letters from Dumbledore explaining the school and it’s purpose she caved and let Ted go.

Character's Personality: Ted isn’t quite cocky but he has a large amount of confidence in himself in whatever he does. Being a talented wizard and, he hopes, a future Auror he can come off as egotistical sometimes. He has an emotional streak but most people wouldn’t see it. Typically an introverted person, he does make friends easily as long as they make conversation first. He has a dislike of Slytherins in general, mostly because of his completely muggle history and their pureblood snootiness. He plays acoustic guitar and sings when he’s at home but has never let anyone but himself hear his music.