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I've got a gig lined up at a pretty popular spot downtown here soon. I think people really like my stuff. It's mind-blowing. The problem is...

A skinhead kid named Evan (or 'Bones' by his 'posse') talked me into letting him pierce my tongue the other night. It's swollen and hurts something awful. I can't pronounce anything properly and I swear if I drool on myself one more time I'm going to wear a bib. Ibuprofen is helping minimally. Oh well. It's still sexy. Hopefully it'll be feeling better by the time I have to perform.

How are everyone else's vacations going?

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This time I Need to know. Are you there?

It's strange. As often as I poked fun at the over abundance of drama in Hogwart's, I never thought I would sort of miss it. I was keeping fairly busy with gigs and girls and a few other things but it just seems like... something's missing, you know? But I guess that's the transition from Wizard life to Muggle life... Things tend to calm down more easily when blood prejudices, torturous curses etc. aren't involved.

My mother is ecstatic I'm home and the doting is almost unbearable. Sometimes I wish she would just find someone else to make her happy. Not all men are like my father... She's even went so far as to come to my concerts. Well, she came to a few but luckily a fine young drunkard with a mohawk groped her last weekend and she hasn't wanted to attend since then. (It's hard to think of your boy as a baby when he's kicking a punk's skinny arse out the door and onto the pavement.) I suppose it's tolerable, though. She's just glad to have me back. And I get more home-cooked food out of the deal than I could ever ask for.

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Your words cut me more than a bleeding knife ever could

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So it was stuck in the bottom of my luggage! It figures I find this thing once the school year is finally over. Oh well, I'm home for the summer and working to try and save up some money. I got a great job playing my guitar at this bar, it's great.

If any of y'all need me, you know how to reach me. By the way, Kingsley, is it true I missed on a bunch of streaking? It figures... Maybe it'll become any every year thing.

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I don't want to hear it.

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It's amazing how horrible my normal cold showers can be with a new piercing. Granted, it looks great and I love it, but yeah... ouch. It's funny. This is the first one that's really hurt.

Hmm. You never really notice how boring of person you are until you have to make a scroll entry.

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You'd better bend before I go... on the next train to Mexico.

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Sorry I haven't been around much if anyone's missed me. A lot of reading and well, boredom in seclusion but it's nice to escape for awhile. I guess it's time to catch up on things now. What have you children been up to?

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((I'm assuming Meda and Tony's breakup wasn't too noticeable... Correct me if I'm wrong. ^^; ))
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Her heart is weeping. This happiness is killing her.

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So, who was assaulted by the drink-raid on the 6th year Ravenclaw dorms? Because, Benjy and others who were invited, this affects our celebration (Yes, celebration. Of what, I don't know. But still. Celebration has a nice ring to it.).

NEWTs are imminent. I'm feeling pretty confident, though. Herbology and Potions I'm not worried about a bit. I might have a bit of trouble in Astronomy but that's only because it's hard to get a real perspective of the stars when people are so busy snogging in the tower. Hmm.

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When you're the girl that I want, I'll be the boy that you hate.

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I really don't have much to say, which is lame, I know. But I highly doubt any of you care that I've been doing nothing but homework, reading and cat napping for the past few days. It's actually relaxing, the time away.

I've found it hilarious to read muggle magic books. I'm almost curious if the things work. Some of the stuff they mention, we have in our classrooms. Divination, especially, seems to have a lot in common with muggle magic. I wonder if there's any history to it? I wonder if maybe the Pagans are the early Purebloods and the Jews and Christians became muggles down the line? It really is interesting... Or maybe I'm just a Ravenclaw.
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