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Entries by tag: woodhull

Woodhull Retreat (www.woodhull.org)
This was a profound weekend. I wanted to attend for learning as well as networking purposes, but it was so much more than that. Friday night's lecture was open to the public, and was composed mainly of female attendees, but also male attendees. The weekend itself was open only to female people, as the organization's goal is to help women-- primarily in the workplace. There are plenty of similar organizations for men, so their existance helps to balance the scales and give women the opportunity to learn about ethical leadership, negotiation, money management, public speaking, and finding one's voice. The teachers were amazing, and I enjoyed sharing information with the others in attendance. People really treated each other with respect: if any cattiness or backbiting was present, I did not see or hear it. They taught me to learn how to accept praise for skills and talents that I have and either don't think twice about, or minimize due to my own discomfort. I made new friends, potential clients, and networking acquaintances. Because of the connections made, I know more precisely how to go about reaching my goals. I'd tell you to ask me to tell you more about it, but chances are good that I won't shut up about this weekend for a while. ;)