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Entries by tag: rabbit hole day

How Curious...
I was looking for my cell phone, when suddenly I stumbled down a rabbit hole!

I discovered a similar world, although the wi-fi and cell signals seem a little stronger. And there are giant, floating giraffes in the sky. I almost hugged one, but the ladder on which I stood toppled over, landing me right in the center of a Jolt Cola and Mountain Dew party. I danced with a talking mouse (the computer kind), ate chips (the computer kind), and had a shoe-shaped slice of a cake (which strongly resembled Tom Petty). The party was very entertaining, until cans of spam started raining down on us and we all fled into a forest lit by hanging LED lanterns.

So, things are pretty much normal, except I strongly suspect that most of the people I meet are really penguins--or simply v. short and formal.