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Entries by tag: paint

Pleasure and Paint
Aww yeah... gonna paint my room "Silver Blaze" suede this weekend. And install a new faucet fixture. If there's time, I'll paint the bathroom and back wall of the closet, but think those'll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday. I will experience having walls that aren't white!

Also, I really enjoyed The Lady in the Water. Even the very predictible parts were compelling enough to feel like true suspense.
IMHO Ranking:
1. The Sixth Sense: knowing this had a twist made me incorrectly guess the twist because I thought it too obvious.
2. The Lady in the Water: coool.
3. Unbreakable: obvious, but terrific pacing and hard to look away.
4. The Village: *great* performances and wonderful interaction between characters, but the ending was a bit of a letdown. If I'd seen it as a stage play rather than a movie, I would've likely raved about it.
5. Signs: The first half+ was brilliant, the birthday party video alone was one of the creepiest things I've ever seen in a movie, but the execution of the ending was boring. Some people dislike the content of the ending, which I'd find an interesting philosophical puzzle in itself, but the way it was executed just... kind of sucked.
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