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Entries by tag: i don't get it

And then an avant garde dance troupe attacked them...
So, I've that overtired but not sleepy almost-dreaming feeling. As a last minute thing I saw Silent Hill, which was apparently about a woman and her daughter who got stuck in a Skinny Puppy video, ran a lot, and then all was revealed in a moment of infodump -- err, revelation. Then more special effects. I liked the music, but they relied too heavily on blurring visual images to be "spooky." For those of you who have seen it, during the moment before the *big* moment near the end, the film stopped. Some people pushed their way past me to leave, then the house lights came up. Creepy? Yes. I went to the lobby and it was empty. Someone behind me hollered about how the lights went off, so I went back in, sat down, and then watched the rest of the movie. On the way home, a guy in a car that was in the lane just to the right of me rolled down his window and shouted, "You didn't get it! You're never going to get it!" He laughed and drove off.

suriel, fear not, as you're not the only one who attracts the unintelligible shouting.