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Entries by tag: ants

I have emerged victorious. A near-epic battle was waged between an ancient race of creatures with burning venom and an average human being. They marched through a small crack between the floor and the wall with one thought in their minds: food. At first, they sent what I can only assume were scouts into my living room. Soon enough, they'd commandeered the kitchen as well. While there were no human casualties, several plant-based foods were sent to the dumpster. My eyes became moist with anguish as I shouted, "You bastards! What do you want from me?"

The owners of my humble abode said that nothing could be done for a week. I could not wait that long, so I consulted with friends. A noble warrior who had previously dealt with their kind helped me map out a battle plan: sprinkle a common substance named "borax" around my dwelling and they will not just consume it, but will carry it back to their hive to eliminate their pincer-mandibled kin. "Could this truly be the answer? A simple, natural substance has the power to wipe them out?" I thought.

It was enough. After a day and a half, their retreat began. I found the odd straggler here and there, but the troops had been evacuated. Corpses littered the counter, but I was safe. Yesterday, a type of "hit man" arrived at my door with a tank full of a substance fatal to the ancient race. He sprayed it around my home, noting that it was not harmful to those of human and feline origin. As I locked the door after his departure, it truly felt over...