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Entries by tag: anecdotes

Not a division of Penguin Putnam.
Earlier this week, I had lunch with Jonathan. While standing in line, we had a conversation that still causes me to smile.

Jonathan: What's a puffin?
Me: It's a bird that resembles a penguin at first glance, until you notice the beak...
Jonathan: No, no...
Me: No, seriously, they're really cute and have big eyes and...
Jonathan: (laughs and points behind me)
Cashier: They taste like peanut butter and are great as a snack, breakfast, dessert...

Apparently this place has the puffed corn cereal for sale as a snack or breakfast. Hehe.

Another especially funny thing is that I got a movie in the mail today. It was one of the two movies that I sent my computerphobic pen pal. He's a bit of a film noir buff, so I sent him Brick. Accompanying it was a brief note reassuring me that I'm a good person and that he realized that he'd already seen it after watching the first few frames. He sent it back in case I wanted to give it to someone else. Why do I find this absolutely hilarious rather than extra-polite? I included a sealed envelope that contained a receipt in case he'd seen the movies and wanted to return them.