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And then an avant garde dance troupe attacked them...
So, I've that overtired but not sleepy almost-dreaming feeling. As a last minute thing I saw Silent Hill, which was apparently about a woman and her daughter who got stuck in a Skinny Puppy video, ran a lot, and then all was revealed in a moment of infodump -- err, revelation. Then more special effects. I liked the music, but they relied too heavily on blurring visual images to be "spooky." For those of you who have seen it, during the moment before the *big* moment near the end, the film stopped. Some people pushed their way past me to leave, then the house lights came up. Creepy? Yes. I went to the lobby and it was empty. Someone behind me hollered about how the lights went off, so I went back in, sat down, and then watched the rest of the movie. On the way home, a guy in a car that was in the lane just to the right of me rolled down his window and shouted, "You didn't get it! You're never going to get it!" He laughed and drove off.

suriel, fear not, as you're not the only one who attracts the unintelligible shouting.

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I know the premise of the movie, seeing as how it's a video game. But I never thought of it as a Skippy Punny video. That description just might be enough for me to see the movie.

Is it really as bad as the reviews, or is the vibe filled with enough Puppy that I could stomach (and enjoy) it?

The excessive blurring was a bit much. As it's now in the discount cinemas, I'd say go for it. Some of the special effects reminded me of The Cell and What Dreams May Come.

I want to drive by and yell something random at you now ;)

what is the deal with that? I still don't get it.

If the shouter is to be believed, I'm never going to get it. :(

Sorry I missed seeing it with you. Seemed like you had fun though :)

I hope I am reaching the right person, if I am not sincerest apologies.

Is this Jenn?

This is marty, we were talking last night, along with Esther at Sadisco. When i admitted how bad i was with names you re-mentioned yours and also said you go by twilight, the user name on this journal.

Another item is that the owner of this journal was born in 77. one of the things we spoke about last night, you were contemplating the big 30, and you mentioned you wanted to do something big. I countered by saying that I was contemplating the big 40.

Again I hope I am reaching the right person.

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