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Oh dear...
Oh dear me...

*swipes through dust with finger*

It has been a WHILE hasn't it?

Well...there's a lot of dusting to be done...
Where to begin?
How 'bout

Ok, so this has basically been one of the best summers I've ever had; so much happened, I had so much fun, and on top of all that, it happened uber s l o w. It has definately

First day:
I go to MVHS and play with Steffi for his guitar final and basically hang out in a bunch of other classes. Max and Lauren had planned this huge campout at Donovan Park and everything was fine until last minute. Of course. The nut on my bass gets broken, Steffi accidentally bumped into it with his guitar, and it's not a big deal, but it was sad. We finally get everything sorted out for the campout and we bring food for an army and all the gear you could possibly think of bringing on a camping trip. We hang out all day and it was awesome, and then when it gets dark we set up our own fire pit on the sand and pitch a tent. Oh, and this old couple was over by their cars making out, crying, staring at each other and the ground, and making out some more, mainly making out, for almost the entire time we were there. HOLY POO, how can you possibly kiss someone for that friggen long?!?!? Especially when you're both like, 40-50. Crazy. But funny.

Shortly Afterward:
I go with Steffi to Eastern Washington to go live at his dad's new house in Republic. L O N G trip. And Eastern Washington is so much cooler looking when it's tinted yellow. So basically we played all the card games we knew and sang the whole way there. But it was fun despite the intense heat and whole stick of duck butter I had developed over the trip. Don't ask. Now we get there and we find a few things forgotten. The full-size keyboard we lugged all the way there and took half an hour to tie down and even longer to untie...well we learned it doesn't work without the power cord. Same as the Gamecube. And it's not as easy to tune a guitar without a tuner. Aren't we lucky we left those extremely useful utensils at home? So we basically spent the first couple of days making back and forth trips to town (which is about a mile away from the house) and trying to get a tuner and looking in the radio shack and finding the volts for the piano, going back and finding the amps for the cord, going back and trying to figure out the size end for the cord it takes, and then guessing and getting it wrong. Yeah. Even after I left, the cord was never correctly assembled. One day we drive all the way into Coleville (or however you spell it)to do some SERIOUS shopping, and we buy 4 nerf shot guns in the process...one for Steffi, his brother, his dad, and me. We held competitions up at the cabin on the hill behind the house and I'm not going to tell you who completely owned 'cause I'm tired of bragging about it. Sound like a good, relaxing, vacation to start off the summer with? Right, I did have fun, and it was a good start, but it was hardly relaxing. Almost everyday his dad had us take a couple truck loads of rocks up to the house and line his fence with them. BIG rocks. Well it was fun. Anyway, I left after two weeks, took the Grayhound all the way from Omak to Mount Vernon. Transferred in Wenatchee. Waited 2 and a half hours for the next bus. Basically walked for half an hour down the mainstreet, saw NOTHING for stores except for when I stopped to turn around I saw a music shop across the street and went in and drueled. Went back and there were these two guys waiting for my bus. One of the kids got me and the other guy to talking and destinations and stories behind them were revealed. It made me appreciate my life a lot more. A little bland sometimes, but at least I'm not fighting for my daughter in court, losing money from my mom stealing it, getting charged for grand theft auto, and having to deal with a broken leg; the cause of my leaving volunteer fire fighter service work (which was in an attempt to become a fire fighter sooner). But it was quite an interesting experience, well worth it.

I appologize, I have a bad memory and nothing sticks out too much until Endfest, which I shouldn't need to go into, and

A Little While Ago:
Me and Steffi are hanging out at Tanner's. We go walking around town to pick up applications for Steffi. We get to Little Ceaser's and want to buy a pizza. Tanner walks up and says, "I'm sorry, this is probably going to sound a little wierd...but, I like my pizza better cold, and we're gonna be walking around and picking ours up later, so could you put it in the fridge instead?" The guy looks completely surprised when he hears the word fridge. But after talking to his manager he places our order and makes Little Ceaser history. We walk around to a poo load of stores and we finally get all the way to Value Village where we tool around and Tanner sits on this couch to rest and says, "Hey guys, oh my god come sit on this couch."
So we do.
And it's amazing.
But there's no tag.
We have a guy price it and it's $25. Now, compared to the other, shitty, $6 couches, it was a little expensive. But it's a f*!@ing couch. For $25.
Needless to say we come back the next day and buy it. Two problems though.
1:We don't have a truck/mode of transporting a full size couch.
2:Tanner lives past the highschool from Value Village. Which is a long way.
So what the hell do we do? Pick it up later right?

Yeah, we funkin' haul it ourselves. So we've got some extra dough and we take it over to the Taco Bell to eat first. Well we're already pretty damn wiped out by THEN. So we're sitting outside the Taco Bell on a couch, no shirts, eating burritos and passing a Mountain Dew. Where's the camera right? So we try calling all the people we can think of with vehicles that could possibly haul this thing. None. Seriously. None. *shrugs* Whatev, lets just keep going. So we take it up Riverside drive, stopping every once in a while and setting the couch down in the shade to rest. People driving by did one of 3 things;

Uno:Stared at us with one of those, "WTF?" looks.
Swi:Shouted enthusiasm or in recollection of our awesomeness.
Ni:Didn't even look. Like you could miss a couch on the side of the road, let alone 3 hot guys sitting on it without their shirts on.

So basically Tanner ditches us for the movie at the high school, we make it about another block and a half and Steffi's mom stops by to save the day, and I leave to take the bus so I can make it home on time not to get grounded.

And also, the internet on my upstairs personal computer now works, hence me having the time and patience to actually put a post in this damn thing.

And now I'm totally ready for school. Mainly 'cause I'm in jazz band, getting a job, and I miss everybody.

So for the one person that ever reads my damn LiveJournal, that's what you missed. Even though I already told you about all of it.


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