Going Friends Only


This journal has always been sort of friends only.  This is what I have in my profile:

This Journal is mostly Friends-Only, the fannish stuff will probably be public, as will the rambling observations.

A lot of the locked posts are about health and mood, and are usually depressed. If you're not a friend, you won't want to hear - even friends don't want to hear, but I need to let things out.

I never really enforced that, though, so I'm starting to do so now.

Public posts = Fandom related, mostly NCIS, Doctor Who, In Plain Sight and other shows I watch

Private posts = Friends who asked to be put on my filter for personal stuff, like health, work, family.  

Friends posts = All other posts, including observations, rants and just plain rambling about nothing.  Oh, and posts about Taro.  :)

If you'd like to be added, please comment here or send me an e-mail.  Tell me how I know you or why you want to be friended, because sometimes I forget where I met someone, either virtually or in person.  Thanks.




What's going on in my little corner of the world?

A whole lot of nothing, that's what.

This post won't go into a lot of personal stuff.  Still outta work, but only started to seriously look in early June.  Was in the hospital for 2 days because there was bacteria growing in my blood.  That was fun.  I felt fine but was stuck in the hospital being given IV antibiotics & stuff.  Just finished a 20-day course of Ampicillin.  Yum.

Since I've been off work, I've had Mom over for to take her meds and have coffee.  I like to have the tv on and I tend to look for some sort of drama or something - no talk shows, game shows or news shows for me.  This has resulted in my becoming unreasonably obsessed with Supernatural.

Yes, I know they're going into their 7th season, but I was never really that interested in the show.  To be honest, I'm not much of a genre lover, despite that I love certain genre shows, if that makes sense.  I only watched Forever Knight because I was following my friends.  Yes, I would go off a bridge too, I'm a lemming.

Anyway... I'm watching Supernatural every morning and my mother thinks I'm nuts.  I don't really start my day until 11 am, when both episodes are finished.  Oh, then I started watching Las Vegas when they had Tom Selleck in it.  I like James Caan, but I really hate a lot of the other players, especially the woman with the huge fake boobs and the over blown-up lips.

So now I want to jump on the Jensen Ackles bandwagon for awhile.  Just to admire, mind you.  Jared doesn't do anything for me at all, and he really needs a hair cut.  Funny, I also prefer Dean to Sam, and I wish Dean and Jo had gotten together.

Oh, found out Alona Tal (Jo) is an Israeli actress.  Wish she was Ziva, she could actually speak Hebrew. 

Oh hey, I have both seasons of Dark Angel, I could watch Jensen Ackles and Michael Weatherly.  Bonus!

So, being late to Supernatural and not sure I've seen every episode, I was wondering... Joshua said God was on earth.  Do we find out why?  Is that dropped?  Do they even talk about God?  Is Castiel the only angel we ever see again?  Anyone think we'll get to see the half human/half demon child again?  He was cute, and he was a good kid. 

I should add that I've tried watching the Friday night episodes, but I kept forgetting, so I don't know what I've missed.  Then again, by the time I started watching they were into reruns anyway.


Oh, and I must watch Jeopardy.  Sometimes I'm great, sometimes I feel like an idiot.

Happy my summer shows are back, Rizzoli & Isles, Royal Pains, Necessary Roughness and Eureka.  Can't wait for White Collar, The Closer, Psych, Alphas and Leverage to start again.

That's about it, fandom-wise, for me.  Personal stuff still in flux and crazy. 

A plea to my friends!

Hello everyone!

This is a plea to all my friends that I don't contact on Twitter to please help get NCIS nominated for a People's Choice award.  I don't remember if I've actually taken my annual campaign to Live Journal, so I'm starting (or continuing) now.

Every year we work very hard to get NCIS and its stars nominated for  People's Choice awards.  For the past three years we've got them onto the final ballot - at least the show and Mark Harmon - but have lost because of people using bots for the final voting.  The first year of this campaign was the first time NCIS was even nominated, so the goal is to help them win something!

Unfortunately, I can't write a bot so a final plea will be made once the actual voting for awards starts in Early November.

In the meantime, please help get them onto the final ballot.  For Favorite TV Drama Actor please check Mark Harmon and write in Michael Weatherly.  It would be so great to have them both be nominated! 

Here's the URL to start and the categories in which to nominate various actors:

The categories are (in order of appearance)  You can vote for 5 during the nominating period:

Favorite TV Drama Actor:  Please check Mark Harmon and write in Michael Weatherly

Favorite TV Drama Actress:  Please check Pauley Perette and write in Cote de Pablo

Favorite TV Crime Drama:  Please check NCIS

Favorite TV Guest Star:  Please write in Bob Newhart, NCIS

I would really appreciate any and all help from my friends and anyone who happens to read this journal.

Remember, you are encouraged by People's Choice to vote often, so vote as many times as you can!

Books and TV Shows

I've been reading more since I got my e-reader and can make fonts larger.  I'm actually reading a paperback now, though, Good Omens, which I thought I read before but it's been so long it seems brand new and is damn clever.  I love it.  Thank goodness I got new reading glasses!

I rediscovered an author I loved, Susanna Kearsley, who writes historical fiction - some romance, some mystery with a bit of romance - and I love her books.  I love how she doesn't write love scenes, but leaves things to your imagination.  Her books tend to have some paranormal aspect to them, too, which I love.  My reading habits are rather mundane, and not as eclectic as my friends list's.  So far I've read:

The Word and the Void Trilogy - by Terry Brooks.  I blame this on Barnes and Noble and their Free Fridays.  I got the first book free and so I had to buy the next two.  I did enjoy them, and then the bastard had the nerve to put out a sequel trilogy. I read a sample of the first book and they have different characters than the ones I fell in love with, but the sample ended with the hero in the town that the first trilogy took place in and I had to buy the book.  Of course it has Elves and stuff (I think it's the precursor to the Shannara series) and while I hated those parts, I had to buy the rest of the trilogy because I was curious.  So warning, free books can force you to buy sequels (if you're weak minded like me!)

Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls - by Jane Lindskold - A book recommended by [info]tucker_liz that takes place in a "future" time and, darn, I can't explain it, I just loved it.

A Discovery of Witches - by Deborah Harkness - that drove me crazy and I will not read a sequel. 

Outlander - by Diana Gabaldon - I only put this here because I couldn't get past 100 pages or so, I hated it so much. 

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - by Betty Smith - one of my favorites as a kid that still stands up for me upon multiple readings.  If I could find an e-book version of To Kil a Mockingbird, I would get that as well.

The 7th Victim - by Alan Jacobson - that was so outrageous and full of coincidences that I pretty much laughed through it, even though it was rather gory.

The Cove - by Catherine Coulter - who I didn't realize was a romance writer.  This is part of her "FBI Series," so I thought it was a crime novel, but you have a heroine who is abused and kidnapped multiple times and a cop who has been hunting her (she's either a witness to a murder or a suspect) who falls in love with her on first sight, no really, first sight  he feels a pull, and spends the book rescuing her.

There were others, like a 3-book series based on NCIS, but not the TV Show.  It had a religious theme in each book, which wasn't that offputting unless you really hate that kind of thing.

I read a few biographies; Robert Wagner's auto, Cary Grant's bio by his daughter; Freddy Mercury's.  I also read a book by a blind man who survived the devastation of the World Trade Center.  He and his guide dog managed to go down 70 flights of stairs and then find shelter when the towers came down and the dust cloud overcame them. 

Oh, I read The Help, which I thought was an okay book, but not the "oh my god you have to read this it's the best thing ever" book that someone told me.

Um, that's about it on reading other than a few books here and there that I thought would be interesting.  Some were, like when I was on my WWII kick; others, not so much.

I love Doctor Who so much I bought the first half of Season 6 on DVD.  I never even bought any David Tennant episodes and I loved him!  I wasn't crazy about Eleven at all at first, and don't really adore him like Ten, but I do like him.  I like Amy and I love Rory,

Summer shows for me were White Collar, In Plain Sight (which I didn't like this season at all), Royal Pains, Necessary Roughness, Leverage, Eureka, Alphas.  I was happy to see Callum Keith Rennie in a few roles this summer, sad that they killed him off so quickly on Alphas.

I'm looking forward to the new season of NCIS, hoping that improvements that we saw toward the end of the season continue.  I was both embarrassed and pleased to see my question made it onto the Season 8 DVD special feature. 
Cat and Moon

Emotional reactions to fictional stories / characters

Since this is a fannish post it's not friends-locked.  I may screen comments at first, because I do not want obnoxious behavior or insults on my journal, but I will unscreen if I feel opposing views are rational.  I still will not allow anonymous posting.  If you're too scared to say it in your own name/userid, I don't care what you think.

EDIT:  Changed, screening anonymous only... but you won't get posted unless you identify yourself.

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