TMNT movie

Okay, I'm so happy I got to go see the movie. Overall I enjoyed it despite the obvious changes... but I really did enjoy it. Maybe more so because I got to dress up for it... I dunno, but I totally need to go again, so if anyone is brave enough, I'd love to have some costumed company for another viewing!

I didn't get anyone dressed up at our showing, except for me. I finally finished my Raphael costume that's been a work in progress for many halloween's. I wanted it done for the premiere of the movie, so volia! Got quite a few honking of horns and really excited kids waving, and a lot of pictures being taken. A couple of people asked if I was there for promotion and handing out gifts XP And then there was one other thing, Some jerk off actually hit me. I didn't see who because it was from behind, thanks to my shell, I could tell someone hit me but I couldn't feel it ^_^ Yay for shells <3
The next thing I want to do to this costume is tailor in the body so it doesn't wear on my like a parachute XP When I originally made it, I used a pattern with the baggy style body for multiple fits, unfortunately I didn't know how to size myself properly and ended up with something that was way to big...just a couple of stitches her and there will fix it.
My friend Jennifer and her hubby Jared were supposed to be dressed up with me but he got too warm so he took his off at the theater, and she had to work, and only got there just as the movie was starting so so didn't get to change into her Casey outfit T_T So they put them back on when we got home and we took a photo then.
The shell was actually leather pieced together to make it, I have it pinned through from the inside of the costume, with elastic straps so my shoulders can hold some of the wieght. I don't have photos of it from directly behind right now, so just ask if you want to see, and I'll get one done. I actually made a movable jaw, though I didn't have it open in the pictures. I plan on putting teeth in at some point. Also debating wether or not to put an eye cover in so that you don't see my own eyes through the head...Any thoughts, yes or no?

Pictures will show when my site refreshes it's trafick allowance, so check back again if you don't see them T_T

finally did something

wow, I finally did a full piece of art again. I decided to sit down and do a sequel image to the cowboy painting I did christmas last year. And so I did. Which really is not normal. I always get ideas, but either don't have the time, or am just unable to get it flowing.

I have it posted on my sheezyart page

and also up soon on my own website

I should probably post more often except, I really don't ever do that much XP

Short of making progress on another short story comic getting ready for a book by christmas, and my 3rd issue (I can taste the final script it's so close!!) of Blind Eye, I'm also applying to submit to another book. I hope I can get in ^_^ Then there's another short story that I've been working on with Linds on and off for a while. I wonder if that one will ever get finished T_T

Back to work, la de da!

otafest = love

yay, so I had my table in artist's alley at Otafest today. With Lindsey and David both there with me, I think we all had a lot of fun, and even they got themselves in the mix with some drawings for people too ^_^

Met some new people, even got a nice drawing of Sasuke from a young boy who enjoyed drawing Naruto. So I told him if he would draw me a picture of Sasuke that I would give him one in return. He was really happy. It was cute ^_^
I got a good request from a fellow artist to draw her character and ink it. That I really enjoyed doing. It turned out fantastic. She seemed pleased with the results too ^_^

I'd post some of the photos, but I don't know how...and I don't think with a free account I even can T_T

I've finally managed to work my way through Issue 3's battle scene in the begining. It may be murder to draw but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it! Woo!

I have been considering promoting myself as a freelance, commissions type artist, and possibly leaving Blockbuster at some point so I can focus more on my art. I've been having such a good time at these conventions meeting people that I think I want to do it more.

Comic and Entertainment Expo 2006

Well it's right around the corner, and although I don't have a new issue out yet, I am still looking forward to meeting new people and seeing some old faces as well.
I hope I find myself better organized and prepared this time. 3rd times a charm huh?

(no subject)

I got an email from a Tiwan student looking to get a place for homestay for the summer. I totally think it would be so much fun! Hmmm, move the computer upstairs and she could have her own bedroom, and it's perfect timing for our rent increase! I wonder what the apartment's take is on having a long period stay. I'll have to look into that.
Hmm, might have to look into learning a bit of Tiwanese ^_^

(no subject)

Well, after almost a 6 month dry spell for drawing of any sorts, I've finnaly got something to work on. 11X14 in size, I am making a poster for the convention coming up on May 7th, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo at the Big Four Building ( hint hint for any who may be interested in attending) It's gonna be wicked fun with lotsa stuff, and it opens at 10 am.
Anyways this poster is going into a book with other images done by artists in the artist alley at the show, so that guests can come around and get it signed or come to see other work you've done. That kinda jazz. The title or theme so to speak of my poster is "Xerxes' summer vacation" yes because I am going to have fun ^_^
I have to finnish it by the 30th, so what 3 more days? @_@ So yeah...I'm gonna get back to it.

Oh and gomen Joe san for my not being at the airport, I really wanted to be there. Hopefully we'll see you soon though and you can meet our cub! <3

back to work

Well I went back to work about a month ago after taking a month and a half off while moving and whatnot. So I am now finally going to be an official Shift Leader (Manager on Duty when there is no manager). It's good to be back at the old store (being that I had originally started to work for Blockbuster in the location I'm at now) because it's a lot slower than my last location, and the staff really work hard and efficently there.

I've recently sold 4 peices of art in the past week or two, so that feels really great. Now all I need to do is give myself better time allotment to acomplish new work ^_^

Gabriel and I have a membership at the YMCA down the street from us, we have a course on thursday mornings called Gym and Swim so we get to go play with other kids his age and swim too ^_^ and then with the membership we get to go any day during their open times to play and work out or swim. It's really nice.

We also like to take walks to the new shoppers drug mart 2 minutes up the street now, with Gabriel walking it takes a good 10-15 minutes, but he really enjoys it, and we get lots of fresh air ^_^

Our finches babies are doing well and are starting to get more adult markings now. Their beaks are almost all orange, and they've got the beginnings of the black stripes and feather seperation patterns. They're so cute. I keep having to resist getting them new toys and treats, but the other day I did get a new bar, a fancy one made in a wiggly pattern out of cement that's supposed to be theraputic to their feet and nails. Then I got them a new feeder bucket, because they keep insisting on sitting in their food dishes XP I also give them once in a while a peiec of fruit or greens to munch on, or toast. They really like that. Every day I give them a spray bath too, just like having a misty rain, they enjoy it ^_^

Gabriel helps out a lot around the house too, he helps me with the birds, and is really good at putting garbage away, or putting his things away. He's up to my hip now almost, and signing and chatting up stoms, he's learning stuff so fast I can hardly keep up!

Well, off to bed now, late night at work early busy morning tomorrow...
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Ever notice?

Ever notice that when you're packing up all your stuff, and going through everything, just how much crap you really have?? I'm noticing it especially today as I'm finnishing the last of the random stuff that had either been used or not touched up until this point. We have a LOT of crap....

It sounds like we'll have an early start tomorrow for the moving and unpacking. Daddy has to rent a trailer today cuz we can't get it hooked up tomorrow until after 11 am. Since we definitely don't want to wait that long to start moving stuff, he's just going to rent it today, and then we'll have to have everything done tomorrow by 2 or 2:30 to hit the 24 hr mark so we don't have to pay for another day. That's fine by me anyways, the earlier we're finnished that the more time I have to unpack the importants before Lindsey's managment dinner at 6. @_@ So busy. I have to do all this moving and unpacking and then make a sad attempt to look pretty for his dinner with his coworkers....ohhh how nerveracking, I don't want to embarrass him...

Last night was nice, we finnished watching the Corpse Bride and then watched Legend of Zorro. Then we spent a couple of hours just talking and telling each other what we liked about one another. It was sweet ^_^

As a fresh start to our new beginning together as a true family and couple, for our 4 year anniversary we are going to renew our vows. Still trying to decide how and where to do it, but it's going to be so romantic <3<3<3 Any ideas??
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Moving Day is closing in!

I'm so excited!

Finally confirmed that for the most part we should be able to move into the apartment for the first. I say mostly cuz the landlord said if the place is in rough condition they may need and extra day to clean up. The current resident has been living there for almost 8 years @_@ They'll be replacing most everything there...

So as soon as we're able to get in, I'll be moving in all the boxes and small stuff outside of big furniture until friday the 3rd. On friday daddy rented a trailer and we'll move all the furniture in. After all that's done on Saturday I'm going to try and take part in a 12 hr comic challenge from 10 - 10. Actually to be more specific it's actually classified as a manga challenge, so I'm really excited about that. The top five entries will get published as well, so I really hope I can do this well! This will be my first comic challenge ever, and I figured it'd be good to start with a 12 hr as opposed to a 24 hr @_@ Easier to get used to the idea and work load that way I figure.

Now, we may need some help on friday to do a littble bit of furniture carrying, my dad can't do anything, getting to old he says, bad back... Lindsey will probably be working, don't know his schedule yet, but with their person shortage at work he's been doing 6 days a week right now T_T I'm not pregnant this time so I can actually do something XP ^_^ If anyone here sees this and might be able to offer help on friday Feb the 3rd, please let me know. We'd be evr so grateful!! If no help is available it's no biggie, we'll survive ^_^

Anyways, on with my day, I'll probably go down to mom and dad's for the last couple days of the month to do packing there of any of our stuff being stored there like our dishes and stuff, so fun fun...

Febuary is going to be a super busy month!! 1st weekend we move and I do a 12 hr manga challenge, 2nd weekend I have Jennie's bridal shower, 3rd weekend (family day weekend) Lindsey and I are considering a little famioly camping trip (OMG *dies of happiness* Lindsey is gonna take me camping!!!!!) 4th weekend is another bridal party that week and then Jennie's wedding! She's getting married so happy for her!!!
Whooo, so much fun.
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