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F-list, I'm sorry I've been a bad flist friend.

Also, I missed you, LJ. FB was getting too uncomfortably tight with all my circles of friends, professional colleagues and family members intersecting and getting to know each other and exchanging scary Sam!anecdotes. Don't get me started on Twitter. Damn you and your shiny social networking sites, Internetland! D:
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Crazed and Confused

Title: Crazed and Confused
Fandom: RPS! CW/Twilight (Yeah, yeah. Judge away.)
Rating: R
Summary: Rob Pattinson's agent has had it.
Notes: Un-beta'd and inspired by the ridiculous amount of Pattinson-related press, CW and the crazy of months-long writer's block. Wrote this around Christmastime and forgot about it until, well, now. Oops.

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Guess the book:
"It's a really good love story that has fantasy," said Emma Quan, 18. "It's like 'Harry Potter' plus romance plus good-looking people."

_turtledove: *cackles*
Brother: What's a Twilight?
_turtledove: It's a teen vampire novel -
Brother: Oh wait, I know that book you're talking about.

Twilight was one of the books I fell into reading -- but whose fandom I haven't waded into -- while I was offline. I picked it up out of curiosity more than an actual interest in the book itself, especially after all the ONTD posts (sparkles and macros and all). A girlfriend said not to take it too seriously.

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Oh, Jensen.

I know it's not as bad as, say, taking the lead role in Christmas Crotchage, but the weirdest comparison popped up in my head while looking at you in your Priestly glory.

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Whatever. I still dig you boys. <3
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Just when I think I couldn't dig Jared any more than I already do, he does a quickie interview about videogames. (Thanks to indysaur for spotlighting this in her journal.)

Steph, you will appreciate this as much as I do - Yeah, [the Wii is] addictive. And you can play all those old games.
Padalecki: [Laughs] Oh, no. It's good that you warned me. And you have to move your hands around to mimic the motion right? I'm jealous. Maybe I'll just play one of my buddies or something so I don't actually own one. I'm afraid my dogs won't get fed or walked and they'll be pooping in the house.

My game-geek was crowing quite happily as I read the interview, and just when I thought nothing could be more amusing than knowing Jared and Jensen spend quality time in Jared's trailer - there goes my thoughts, straight into dirty! territory - I am proven wrong. Now I don't feel quite as bad wasting so many hours on Guitar Hero II or wasting investing so much on videogames. Aw, I want to game with him.